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TRILL FAM : Do It Stick It lyrics

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TRILL FAM lyrics : "Do It Stick It"

I do it i stick it
i stick it i do it

i do it i stick it
i stick it i do it
i do it i stick it

i stick it i do it
i do it i stick it
i stick it baby do it

[repeat 2x]

[verse 1]

well its mouse on tha track at yahoo.com i blewed up quick like a atomic bomb i guess that im a star but im gonna stay calm but there one way to do it and that way is dumb the ladies kinda like me they say im kinda cute ya knoe im makin money so they shakin they kabos but i aint really trippin im jus doing wat i do im smokin on a killa n im drinkin me a goose fa sho fa sertian im up in this (*##$ ya knoe im something speacial from ma shoes and ma wrist
is good as they get the 12s hittin hard like a linebacker (*##$ the ol folks watchin but i aint bout tew panic the 12s still knockin n imma still jammim the pot by the stove got some henny n some brandy i pulled em off a brandon an tonio n handy


[verse 2]
im thugin im buckin n ma head ? im rubbin im feelin kinda good cuz ma package lookin cuby teenager makin paper but if that aint no rookie they no i $#&@ with webbie so gon gimme that #[email protected] bad $$# in this (*##$ so im stutin like ma brotha me n mouse been in our rich we some [email protected]$!ed mutha $#&@a catch me at the (*##$-a-boo n i be doing ma little dance im holdin ma pants n ma pocket of 30 grand it do it i do it i do it tha dumb way i chew it i chew it i chew them ??????? i step it i step it then i stick it with ma crew you betta get back before you get burn ????????? ma trill chain blingin so you knoe them girls feemin outside ma car skatin inside they keep hatin i take a step back then i lean right back then i throw them u's up in ya face ?????????????????????????

[verse 3]
da da da da do it then ya stick stick it then ya do it we got shell on the mic n watch me get straight tew it we got mouse on tha track you knoe how it goes down i got chya girl wit all dat $$# she got ma hollin whoa nah im leanin tew tha left ma head bent tew tha right im grippin on her butt she kissin on my ice we movin tew the beat she nasty i can tell that when the beat break down she do it do it well i knoe u knoe im hike at the show sagged out dreaded up with a mouth ful of gold my city ya knoe where them girls get low i do it then i stick it all on tha flo she wont gimme that #[email protected] cuz she heard that i was trill do that thing like dj trumma stick that gangsta in ya grill she bouncein up and down like she dancein on a pole and when she brought that thing up she made me holla whoaaa

(Thanks to sarah for these lyrics)

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