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TRILL FAM : Bout Dat lyrics

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TRILL FAM lyrics : "Bout Dat"

^!$$% Watch This Imma Make All The Thugs Move
^!$$% Watch This Imma Finna Make The Hot Guhs Move

Im From A Street Where Them ^!$$%s Make Drugs
Watch This Imm Make The Whole Club Move
I'm Trill Young Savage Keep A Ol Bad (*##$

Wit Big Thick Thighs $$# All On Her Bac %#@!
Eyes Slanted Behind 300 Dolla Glasses
50 For Bentley Watch ^!$$% Gotta Snatch This

Put It On The 6 %#@! Should See How The 'lac Sit
Guns Everywhere Real ^!$$%s On The Back Seat
U Tryna Get That Deep We Got That Cheap

On The Back Street Jus Get At Me
Them White Boys Investin
They Kno Lil Webbie

That $$# Doin Sumthin But Them (*##$es Cant Catch Me
Hi How U Catch Me
Dont Threatin Me

Im In The Streets It Aint 4 To Catch Me
Out My Muh$#&@in Mind And I Dont Even Pop
Kept It Gutta Everytime Aint Even Stop

These ^!$$%s Wanna Tote That Iron
And Aint Gon Even Pop
Im Knockin Off A ^!$$% Top For Any And Reason Watch

[Chorus: x2]
Now Where U Growed

Gon Throw It Up [x2]
Say U Aint Bout That [x4]

No Matter Where I Been
Or Where Im Gon Go

Me And The Crew Im Wit Gon Take Over The Floor
The Dro Bag Get Low
Im On The Phone Wit The Dro Mane

Need Mo Man Hook Me Wit Yo Score Mane
Talk Her In To Gettin Brains
No How I Roll Mane

Big Fine Woman $#&@in Over Her Ol Man
4 New Cars U Stil Drivin That Ol Thang
And We Don Got A New Plug On Them Whole Thangs

Told U I Could Make This (*##$ Move Like Soul Train
Naw All The Gangstas Gon Lean Wit Me Rock Me
95 School Zone I Was Tryna Get It On

My Books On All I Got Is Some Rocks Wit Me
Showin Out I Dont Need The Whole Block
Say Lil Daddy U Aint Real Chill Out

I Kno U Aint Bout No Trouble
Look But Still Chill Out
Im Trill Young Savaga Hottest ^!$$% In The South


(*##$ Im From Louisiana
^!$$%s Get Stomped In Ree's

Hoes Get Stomped In Sandals
Every Home Game All Dem Gangstas Be On Campus
Hoes Out There Fitted Up Children Aint Got No Pampers

But $#&@ It
They Gon Thug That Thang Out
This Aint No Hangout

If U Aint Sellin Get The $#&@
4 U Get Drained Out
Dont Wear My Name

I Aint Mike Jones
This Here Fight Zone
Is For The ^!$$%s Aimin At Domes

U Aint Really Ready For It Care Ya (*##$ $$# Home
U In The Wrong Zone
Say Lil Daddy Watch Yo Tone

Dont Holla At Me I Might Get Mad And Pop My Chrome
Merk U Then Hit The Studio And Drop My Song
A Lotta ^!$$%s Out Here #[email protected]

Might As Well Wear A Thong
Hide Behind A Lotta ^!$$%s
#[email protected] When They Alone
We Got The Whole Boot Section
Off Airline To Plank

Better Watch Where U Turn Though
You'll Get Ya $$# Stanked


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