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Tricky lyrics : "Passion Of The Christ"

(There's) too many people, too many dying
Too many lying, too many crying

(There's) too many voices, so little choices

At night I lie awake, feels like? heartache

Feels like heartache, how long will the night take

How long will the night take, it feels like heartache

The night has come, they say I rise crime rate

[?] can't wait

I? rise my fist the thunder break through

Make a wish who will you run to

(There's) too many prisons taking away from family

Too many reasons to lose your sanity

I lie awake and let the visions take me

Think of life and how it tried to break me

Had no choice, had to settle

Hear a voice now they burn from metal

There's too many shouts and they call it treason

Can't relate and hate without reason?

(There's) too many guns, pray for God to come quick

He doesn't come, my God is real sick

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