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I'm not talking about slackness but Slacklining
Which gives you more feel on a trampoline

Much finesse on trick or highlining
Just a wire under tension and adrenaline
Unknown activity that requires sustained effort

Everyone is welcome back your smile I warned you
Look at the menu for even the most outlandish tastes
At the edge of avenues open your eyes on entrants

Should specify that the strap is held
Or it would give the keys to a prisoner cell
Everything is secure equipment is well maintained

Feeling in the air without any implied
A bit like a ragga freestyle inatendu
Just a thread or flow and time is suspended

No misunderstanding is for fans, fades the tightrope
Hardworking individuals within the tribe

Who is it that moves crowds and jumper like a kangaroo?
Raggamuffin Slackline

Ragga in that the wire is not kuduru
Raggamuffin Slackline
Not subject to anger, here there is no gourroux

Raggamuffin Slackline
Who gets off when a kick and a snare
Mixes with slackline trick in the air

For those who do not know I'll try to explain
The base is very simple it is not very complicated

Webbing stretched between two points anchored
For different practices that are devoted
Even the kids can play in the playground

Of recruits for the figures are created
Occupy his time instead of burn
In this discipline where the balance is sacred

On trickline or Jumpline to try tricks and jumps
On longline or highline: search further and further or higher and higher
The waterline or blindline: blindfolded or above water

If you're just a novice like me have the shortline
To make your first steps on the slackline
Once you move your compass on the Tribuman

Jersey as bait and the atmosphere is fine


It's like in life there's ups, there's downs
You can even use the slackline yoga

To find balance in each debate
It will serve as the Béaba
You down for each stunt you get our approval

Adhocracy movement opposite a bastion
It is clear and precise net is a simple passion
For the undecided there's several variations

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