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TREVOR PAXTON lyrics : "The Fortunate"

In a moment's flash, we are discovered

Uncovered by the light
But we're saved by one another
And lost in second sight

There's no end to the love our hearts can make
And when the sun rests his head, our souls awake

In all these hopeless days
We'll run from the haze

That holds us back from seeing who we really are
And tonight
We'll hold fast to the light

That a brighter day is not so far
And we'll know that we are
The fortunate

With a single breath, we come alive

Revived by summer's kiss
And we're safe with one another
As we lay in perfect bliss

There's no fear in a perfect love
And when the moon rises, hope comes from above

We're caught
Living life like it's in slow motion

Where our every move
Is like a distant wave on the ocean
And we know

That when we wake in the morning
The dream will end
Yeah, the dream will end


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