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Trevor Hall : Who You Gonna Turn To lyrics

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Trevor Hall lyrics : "Who You Gonna Turn To"

This life is like a drop of water in a frying pan
Snap of a finger and we got to start over again
Ten thousand things, ten thousand things in this breathe

Slow down your engines and give your troubled minds a rest
Surrender to the Most High, the most high
Surrender I say surrender

Who you gonna turn to
Who you gonna turn to

When the curtain falls on you
Mama is on her lion
Papa is home in Zion

That's who I'm gonna turn to

The wheels are turning

World's burning
Burning up the sky
Eye for an eye wise man said leaves the whole world blind

Well I say seek and you'll find
Seek and you'll find what's inside
Flow doen the river until you're free and you see Love Divine

Surrender the the Most High, the Most High
Surrender I say Surrender

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