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Trevor Hall : Liquor Store lyrics

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Trevor Hall lyrics : "Liquor Store"

I went down to the liquor store
And bought some more liquor
I drank myself to sleep in a starry night

Hoping that I would drown
In all the ocean's sound
I swam into it's depths with my eyes closed tight

Hoping I would see the light

Well I built a fire with both my hands

And watched it burn the land
I planted seeds in ashes
Just to see if it would grown again

Took a train to outer space
To see if I could find a place
Where I could watch the sweet sun burn the scars off my face

Hoping I would see the light

Well the rain came down without a sound

And flowers sprouted from the ground
How can I not speak of God when all I see is this mirage
We pick up guns and we kill our own

Oh this road leads so far from home
I pray to the angel of fire
To burn this mess until it dies

At the top of the hill
At the feet of the tree
I found the truth in an apple seed

Who would've known
That when it had grown
I could see all the stars and all the cosmos

Some say I'm sick and some call me mad
They say I've lost all that I've had
True I am mad for the light, for the spark

That resides in the deepest depths of my heart

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