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TREVOR DE VERTEUIL lyrics : "Coffee Shop Love"

(Verse 1)
I love the way you hold the door for me
I love the way you've been holding me lately

I just had to buy you a treat
We're standing in line at the coffee shop
Hipsters surround us with their macbooks

Will we ever find a seat?

It's our turn to order but I'm just staring at you

And I say something cheesy like "I wish you were on the menu"
You crack a smile and tell me to never try to flirt again, but when

You're feeling bitter
I'll be your sweetener

Honey, Sugar... We Could
Feed each other pastries
Just like the movies

The big screen... Baby, c'mon
Just seeing you smiling
Make me feel grande

Vente, amazing... love
We might be high on caffeine
Uncontrollably laughing

But I just can't get enough
Baby of this coffee shop love

(Verse 2)
Your shining baby oh you've got me bad
With your cute whip cream mustache

Oh your laugh is just the cherry on the top
I'm having fun throwing crumbs at your face
While you're sipping down your hot latte

Oh I can tell by your glaze I'm gonna' pay

There's nothing better than having nothing better to do

I don't want to work I just wanna' stay here with you
Maybe I could make your love my occupation and when



Oh you take my heart and make it sweeter
And dress it up in icing sugar
I never saw it coming

But now it's you I'm loving
Oh your kiss is the hot in my chocolate

Yeah, when you draw a smile with your lips
No it couldn't get better than this
They just keep on staring

But we're not really caring
Cause' they don't know how to have a
Coffee shop love

(Chorus Repeated)

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