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TOPAZ JONES lyrics : "Black Dynamite"

Black Dynamite, dressed like I'm serving china white
My outfit deserves five to life
She give me time of day no matter time of night (Ridin' like it's stolen)

Sharper than a pocket knife
Climbing out the ocean, all this ice on I'm not swolen
Live my life caught in the moment

And the lights that's why I'm glowin'
Goin' ape %#@! baby, I hate this crazy
Chick up on my tip just like a waitress

From the garden state where the hardest lay
And the martyrs ain't with the cause and I pray

That the fathers stay for the harvest

Bet the apple don't fall too far from the tree

Or the branch or the leaves
Never land on my knees, rather stand on my feet
Rest in peace to the dearly departed

Just let the good times roll
The fuzzy dice in my mirror I sip the good wine slow

Flyin' through the city like a crime fighter
Rhyme writer, form a line quickly, this the pied piper
Had the fro before I locked it up

Now I'm the hottest rasta on the roster starting five is us
Orville Redenbacher look who poppin' up
Mr. too cool for school, $#[email protected] being popular

And the top well I'mma be there in a jiffy
Never been plain
Still fly in a pair like the prince of Bel Air

Blowin' something in the air and it's sticky
Icky icky hope y'all don't get it twisted
All my bros enlisted, baggin' hoes I'm gifted

Smoking grinch it's like I stole your christmas

Only thing on my wish list

Is a little bit of love is that
Too much to ask, too much too fast
Tryna throw hands with the hands of time

No way to adjust to that
But I'mma need you to throw your hands up high
JJ goodtimes Black Dynamite

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