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TOO $HORT lyrics : "This My One"

(feat. E-40)


UHH~! Where I stay they gotta temper they locks
Get they hair done down at Nappy or Not (BAY AREA!!!)
No funk abusin the cops

Droppin off yola in the Wal*Mart parkin lot (parkin lot)
Hustle in our arteries, re-up and re-cop (cop)
Cemeteries, mortuaries, tryin to get guap' (UHHH)

Drugs, fetti and sex
Chicken one day, fed goods the next (UHHH~!)
I got a cold conversation

Could talk a cop out a ticket in front of the police station
My ^!$$%z KNOW I'm a patient
When you're funkin or beefin all it takes is a little patience

(UHHH) Gotta be slick and sly
I ain't gon' kill nuttin, and I ain't gon' let nuttin die
Looted up, suited up, rap for fun

Wanna hear this black right here? ^!$$% say, this my one


Droop-E made the black, Sic'Wid'It hog
Who that rappin on the track? 40-Wat' and $hort Dawg
(At the bank they call us Earl and Todd)

(We up all night, hustlin hard)
UHHH {can't stop won't stop} this my one
{We gotta get it how we get it} this my one

{Like the beat hear knocks} this my one
{Got 'em all in the clubs yellin} this my one

[Too $hort]
Things can't stay the same
Somebody gotta break the chain

Put some big money back in the game
We havin big money and we at it a-gain
But can you handle it mayne

or would rather be grimy doin scandalous thangs?
You wanna ball, you can't tell him he ain't
Cause if the music don't pay he gon' sell 'em the 'caine

All the crack babies are growin up now
They got ADD, throw it up and act wild
Extra hyper, she asked me if I like her

Slow down girl, you move faster than a Viper
You're too freaky, you're way too sleazy
You could make some money but you give it up easy

Can't even get a !@%!e dealer
You a broke (*##$ $#&@in with a broke ^!$$%!



UHHH... I play my position
So much throb in the trunk got the CD player skippin
(CD player skippin) I'm smokin and sippin

Hood life, speed bumps in the residential district
UHHHHH~! Pimpin this the anthem
Got the Chrysler lips, lookin like a phantom

Like a PHANTOM!! I burn rubber on a hater
If it ain't about yaper I'm hit the 'ccelerator

[Too $hort]
Me and E-40, we rap for money
on funky-ass tracks with slappin drumbeats

Pay me up front cause I'm not a dummy
Promoters like (*##$es when I'm hot they want me
... And that's all the time

I stay on tour, knockin all the dimes
I can't name 'em, the list is long
But when they hear that bass %#@! they say "This my one!"

[Chorus 2X]

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