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TOO $HORT lyrics : "Shittin' On 'Em"

[Too $hort]
I'm a legend in the game, you can't replace me
I'm drivin' this car, don't try to race me

You'll never win, I came straight from the coastline
I got the most albums and the most rhymes
I could die and you still won't catch up

How you gonna step up when you let them little heffers
dig in your pocket while they suckin' on your left nut
You a soldier? ^!$$% I'm a vet, what

I'm old school with a new style
Girls hear me rap and act too wild
But that's how I like 'em, what you wanna do now?

Get you all alone girl and turn you out
You want a man that do all he can
Hold your hand, and take you to the promise land

But I refuse to help you get there
(Good luck) I hope you choose on the best player

%#@!tin' on 'em
I'm %#@!tin' on 'em...

I'm %#@!tin' on 'em beotch!

[Too $hort]

She said I'm too old, get $#&@ed it's too late
She said tell $hort it's a new day
(*##$ I say $#&@ what you say

I'm from the Old Bay and the New Bay
When you make the wrong choice, who you gon' blame?
I'm all in your ear tellin' you the wrong thing

But you listen anyway, buyin' the dream
You know about us pimps, we be lyin' and things
I don't wanna fight for the (*##$ Joe

It's all about the game, and who can spit the most
I'm never too faded to hustle
Ball up my fists, and make a muscle

I stay strapped, I don't wanna tustle
Fake $$# bodyguard ^!$$% wanna wrestle
Cause you think she's likin' me?

She's goin' hella stupid on this hyphy beat?
And now you wanna fight with me?
Make me mad, and I'ma $#&@ your wife-to-be

I'm from the Eastside where the Raiders play
Where you get your game from? I say the Bay
You think I'll square up? You can't be hopin'

I'm hard on a (*##$, I was trained in Oakland
I never turned in my player card
Ask anybody, they'll say I'm hard

I'm %#@!tin' on 'em


I'm %#@!tin' on 'em...
I'm %#@!tin' on 'em...
I'm %#@!tin' on 'em...

I'm %#@!tin' on 'em beotch!

[Too $hort]

You so ^^&$#*, tryin' to find you a (*##$ mayne
I'm hustlin', I gotta stay rich mayne
You friendly, like to buy hoes gifts

But I'm mean, I hit 'em with the closed fist
You a sucka, take a (*##$ on a trip
I kick back, and send a (*##$ to go get my stack

And you'll never do that
You're weak for a (*##$, you better move back
Why they always use you?

Cause you pay 'em, that's what they used to
Man (*##$es everywhere
Treat ^!$$%z like you like teddy bears

You'll get to feel on her and touch her
You always with her but you still ain't $#&@ed her
You fell in love with the (*##$ last summer

I $#&@ed a few times then dumped her
You tricks, always tryin' to find you a better hoe
I told you, never put the #~!!@ on a pedestal

Them nasty little### freaks, F 'em
If they wasn't bout the money I left 'em
Burn rubber, I'm drivin' fast
That's my new motto 'cause it's time to smash
I flew past still givin' it gas

Made a right turn, swingin' the $$#
I'm %#@!tin' on 'em

I'm %#@!tin' on 'em...

I'm %#@!tin' on 'em...
I'm %#@!tin' on 'em...
I'm %#@!tin' on 'em beotch!

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