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TOO $HORT lyrics : "Shake That Monkey"

(feat. Lil' Jon)
[Lil' Jon]
Put a hump in ya back and shake ya rump (HEY!) [4x]

Lets go!

[everyone (2x)]

Bounce dat $$# up and down to da flo
Shake that %#@! till you cant no mo'
Twirk that monkey let me see ya get low

Freak that ^!$$% till ya %#@! get sore

[Too Short]

Bounce that $$# till ya cant no mo'
Make ya $$# touch the flo'
Like ya legs are broke

Take that big ol' booty girl and scrub the ground
You can do it up and down
Or round n round

As long as that #~!!@ aint stiff
Dance and make all the ^!$$%s look at that %#@!
Like ya strip at a club in the ATL

Lil (*##$ tore it up and started raisin hell
I remember magic city before the freak nik
Before the police started all that weak %#@!

All the big hoes...Get loose wit it
All the skinny hoes let Bruce Bruce hit it
Let a ^!$$% $#&@ tonight

Damn right (*##$...$#&@ my wife
You my !@#% for life
You know all i do...is count that cash

I won't charge you as long as you bounce dat $$#


(*##$..(*##$..Shake that monkey

I bet she cant wiggle like that wit a dick in her
Have a motor tha booty contest and pick a winner
When she runnin

You never see the hoe come in last
So fast, she gotta 454 on dat $$#
Ya never gonna win that race

Put on a seatbelt dont let her sit on ya face
She might kill you in the mornin at 2:14
Doin the #~!!@ pop like she from New Orleans

Its been a while more than 10 years past
When ya close ya eyes you can still see her $$#
When mommy used to dance like that

Bouncin that $$# wit her hands on her back
I saw a grandmomma do it wit a baby in her arm
Put a hand on her car and started swangin it hard

Every ^!$$% in the party wanna get wit the (*##$
Look like she was $#&@in an invisible dick


You dont have to be naked to dance like a stripper

Just wiggle that tail like your name is flipper
Do it like a dolphin on top of the water
Take it down to the ground, and pop it harder

Youve been hangin round them pimps again
She gangsta walkin like she Memphis 10
Get it girl i like the way you bounce

U must of learned that deep down way in the south
U from the west coast where you learn to do that dance
Im bout to stick my dick through the back of your pants

I woundnt pass up a chance to rip your cheeks
All in that $$#, ya limpin for a week
Now all that booty, is that for me?

Its lookin so fat, we at the party
Lets hit the bar and drink
Tequila shots

Find a spot on tha floor let me see it drop!


Now put yo $$# on his dick
Let him know you da baddest lil (*##$
Put ya hand on ya !@$%

Ask him do he like that %#@!
The way you move your butt
All he wanna do is $#&@
Outside him and you in the truck
Sex so good you cant do it enough

Bounce dat $$# (*##$ [3x]

Short Dog in the house

Shake that monkey hoe [until song it over]

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