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TOO $HORT lyrics : "Pimpin' Forever"

[Too $hort]
Somebody say beotch! Say beotch!

A lemme hear you say beotch! Say beotch!
Say (*##$, (*##$, (*##$, (*##$, (*##$..

Your daddy said come back baby, find your life
It was wrong before but this time it's right
It's been way too long, you've been gone from home

You wasn't ready when you left to be grown on your own
Now deep down inside you're his little girl
Gotta swallow his pride cause you're his little girl

Wouldn't be so bad, if you only stripped
But you don't do dancin just lonely tricks
Now you're hooked - ain't no love

You in this game, it's just like drugs
Your family wrote you off cause you $#&@ed that up
You way out of town and you stuck

Now you're on your own, you've been disowned
Since you left your hometown all your friends are gone
It's girls like you that truly make us

You're lost in the world so I moved you to Vegas


Before you met me you wasn't nuttin
I $#&@ed wit'cha and I turned you into somethin
Now $#&@ J-Lo, be your own woman

Now take your $$# back to work the track jumpin
Say beotch! I'ma be pimpin forever
(*##$, I'ma be pimpin forever

Say say say say hoe! I'ma stay mackin forever
Hoe, I'ma stay mackin forever
Say, say beotch! I'ma be pimpin forever

(*##$, I'ma be pimpin forever
Say say say say hoe! I'ma stay mackin forever
Hoe, I'ma stay mackin forever

[Too $hort]
Say beotch! You better get that cash

Old-ass man wanna hit that $$#
Older than your daddy, more like your granny
Let his old wrinkled $$# get in them panties

I show you how to get it, I'm just a dog
You had a good thang and you $#&@ed it off
I'm like the big bad wolf, you better scream

Run for your life cause I want that cream
Your father told you, to stay away from me
And now you gotta call me daddy?

Now let me ask you, you think you've got it together?
You're too fine to be broke, you gotta get whatever
Now I don't give a $#&@ in any weather

When I see you, you better have a G or better
Look into my eyes, and say you understand me
Cause now I'm your family (say beotch)


[Too $hort]
Your father wants to know, when you comin
But you never liked home so you keep on runnin

Now I got you, you're mine for life
(*##$ get your mind right, don't let the limelight
steal your soul, and make you old

Make the happy lil' girl turn bitter and cold
Now your brain is frozen, your body is numb
You're stuck in the hoe-zone, you gotta get home

You can go to Oz and won't learn %#@!
Click your heels three times and go turn a trick
Beotch! You better get that cash

If you don't got it when I see you I'ma whip that $$#
And all of you squares, that hear my flows
Most of y'all (*##$es wouldn't make good hoes

Never talk down on a pimp and his !@^%
Unless you know the whole story, broke (*##$! (say beotch)


[Too $hort]
Say beotch!
Yeah that's right, hoe up if you wanna blow up

Say say say say hoe
And all you cute broke-ass (*##$es stop hatin on these real hoes
Say, say beotch
You up there suckin and $#&@in all night for free
Say say say say hoe

When you coulda got in and out there wit'cha money real fast baby
Say beotch!
Yeah, you need management
You need a ^!$$% like me
To tell you exactly what you need to be doin out there

Get your full potential out your #~!!@ baby
Yeah [fades out]

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