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TOO $HORT lyrics : "Money Maker"

(feat. Pimp C, Rick Ross)

Oh! [3X]

Oh! [2X]

[Too $hort]

I love to see you dance, do it your way
Shake that $$#, you know it's okay
I just wanna know, if you'll strip

Make a real player wanna give you a tip
You move so sexy, I love the way you wiggle
Your !@%$ bounce around and your big booty jiggles

Make the video, it's official
Throw the stiff hoes out the game, blow the whistle
I only $#&@ with money makers, the hustlers

(*##$es who know how to get mother$#&@ers
You tryin hard, you put everything into it
Cain't understand how these other hoes do it

You ain't got no name brand %#@!
Tryin to be fly but you ain't that (*##$
You've gotta want it to get it

Give a trick some #~!!@ tell him put somethin wit it


Get down on it good if you a shaker
I see you got him where you want him, get your cake up
Drop it down to the flo' and get your paper

Cause you a thoroughbred, youse a money maker
Now let me see you pop that #~!!@, girl shake that $$#
Do a nasty dance, girl make that cash

Bend that $$# ovah, and touch the flo'
He gotta tip if he want some mo' - tip that #~!!@!
Shake that $$# girl

[Verse 2]
Eyes get #~!!@ hoe, shake that $$#

You're like the 84 but rich, cause it's sittin on glass
Ain't nothin happenin but tricks gettin broke
$#&@ed a lot of politicians but she never go vote

The (*##$ got a lot of contacts
Every ^!$$% that she $#&@ got some kind of contract
R&B singers, ballplayers and rappers

^!$$%z call back cause the (*##$ got a snapper
I'm tryin to get the (*##$ to chew
It's payday (*##$, you done paid your dues

You're scrapin up your knees, climbin up the pole
Yeah you a hoe but you just ain't out on the stroll


[Rick Ross]

I'm checkin these hoes, like checkin accounts
I'm checkin for checks, get checks and I bounce
I $#&@ with the vets, lot of money to count

My hoes be stressed, put a gun in her mouth
(*##$ bring it to me, see I need it all
I need another Benz, hoe $#&@ 'em all

I $#&@s with Chad, I $#&@s with Todd
Bein trill ^!$$%z baby this our $#&@in job
I can meet her today, be in love by tonight

You can bet by tomorrow, she'll be traffickin white
She wanna $#&@ with me (Ross) for the rest of her life (Ross)
Cause when I $#&@ her she tell me it's the best in her life

It's Ricky Ross (Ross) you know my steez (steez)
Still holdin ki's like your (*##$ holdin these (these)
I'm a Dade County Chevy rider

But I gotta Benz that's $#&@in up everybody


Shake that $$# girl!

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