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TOO $HORT lyrics : "Burn Rubber Pt. 2"

(feat. Mc Jah)

[Too $hort]

Put the pedal to the metal, go
Let's ride this mother$#&@er
Let's go! The $#&@ up outta here

.. Man I kill a car
When I take off I peel out hard

I drive like a maniac
Keep the radio loud, and way in the back
These two hookers - feel the woofers

Don't worry, the cops won't book her
And you ain't gotta tip her
She's a call girl, she ain't no stripper

.. She's a dime
Stayin with me all the time
I'ma dip, pimp

Stop at the light and make the whip spin
Then step on the gas, step on the brake
Step on the gas, step on the brake

Show 'em how we ride
Town ^!$$%z gon' side

Put the pedal to the metal - GO!
Let's ride - GO!
GO! Beotch..

It goes down nightly
The town is so hyphy

Everyday it's on
When the sun goes down 'til the break of dawn
And when it's 'bout to start

Put the car in park
But don't pull to the side
Go dumb right next to your ride

It's more than a dance, it's a movement
You can tell cause the town be movin
You wanna know if it's worth it right

They do it all day but it's worse at night
We so hard when we swervin cars
We serve them hogs when we work them broads

So many pimps we'll turn ya mother
Put her in the front seat and start burnin rubber

GO! Put the pedal to the metal - GO!
Let's ride - GO!
Yeah, GO!

Burn rubber

I drive like the movie, serious

But this ain't "Fast and the Furious"
It's what I'm goin through
Thick traffic, I'm on the morning news

Fast women, liquor and music
Wearin out tires, quicker than shoes (*##$
Fast cars and the best of smoke

Pass that weed I don't mess with !@%!e
.. But I $#&@ with Hope
She works for the service so I won't go broke

Now watch me serve it
The cops see me swervin
I did two donuts

That's when the OPD rolled up
But I ain't no joke
Got the pedal to the metal and I can't go slow

GO! I got the pedal to the metal - GO!
I'm burnin rubber - GO!

I'm yellin out BEOTCH - GO!
Let's ride

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