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TONY TRAN lyrics : "I Failed You"

[Verse 1]
My finger around the trigger, loading a single bullet
Aiming it at my temple not knowing if I should pull it

Or jumping off a chair with a note that I wrote
While running out of air 'cause the rope's choking my throat
I'm just so defeated, depressed and down

All my hope is depleted, don't stress me now
'Cause I'm feeling like I've hit a wall of bricks
I wanna call it quits, my life is one big ball of %#@!

I used to have that raw energy to pick up the mic
But now my friends are all telling me to give up the fight
Imagine what it's like to be in my position

The pressure on me, how I'm suppose to breathe in this condition
I'm just a clown hiding under a mask
Acting like everything's okay but I struggle to laugh

'Cause I'm feeling that I'm fading very slowly from the scene
But at the same time I strive closer to my dreams

(I'm sorry I failed you)
I've let you down when you believed in me

(I'm sorry I failed you)
I didn't become who you thought I would be
(I said I'm sorry I failed you)

'Cause I'm no hero with a self-esteem
(I'm sorry I failed you)
A broken promise with a shattered dream

(I'm sorry I failed you)
I said I'm sorry I failed you

[Verse 2]
I'm just sick and fed up with school, I'm rarely motivated
My grades make me a fool, I'm barely gonna make it

Devoured by this problem I can never talk it out
Like a coward trying to solve it I'll just end up dropping out
Vision blacked out, living life like an alcoholic

I'll pass out, losing sight I'm about to vomit
Sometimes I'm wishing that somebody would care
'Cause when I'm crying out for help, nobody is there

Never had a lot of friends that were true and sincere
Only when I'm beneficial they would usually appear
Music's my main passion that matters to me

It breaks my heart to see them laughing it shatters my dreams
At the brightest moment, they're somewhere here around
But at the darkest hour, they're nowhere to be found

I'm guessing that I'm hanging with the wrong crowd
I'm on the wrong route pull the trigger I'll be gone now


[Verse 3]

I'm a struggling musician with a 9 to 5
On a daily basis living on the grind, deprived
Of rest and sleep, 'cause I'm trying hard to live my dream

Trying to stay awake but it's harder than it seems
Critics will give me hell and won't give me a chance
They just wanna see me fail like a my final exam

And the way I'm living I can't really kick it with a girlfriend
Have you seen my life how it's twisted like a whirlwind
My brother's autistic and I'm barely there for him

When my parents are gone, I'll be the one taking care of him
I'm without a father, I'm still a man with a pride today
I won't look up to someone who gambled half of his life away

Mom I'm sorry for not being the son you've prayed for
Just believe in me, I promise we'll no longer stay poor
Living on the edge, standing on the ledge

If I fail watch me falling down landing on my head


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