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TONY SIN lyrics : "HAN SOLO"

Steppin on the ship with a bomb in my carry on
Carry on as I proceed to flip it it's Vakari-awn

scary on the scene, red like cherries for the beam
here to $#&@ the game raw missionary then I skeet

bring it wicked wana meet him, twist it killin then I eat em
wana beat em, can retrieve em, imma get em every evenin'

with the bomb %#@!, never missin missiles when I launch them
Stompin, aint no way you killin I am awesome

Kill it often, put you in a coffin in
the cargo hold, get froze wit no oxygen

up in a box and then, you aint a problem man
i get it poppin with the dollas from the boss n them

and then I'm robbin them, gotta get away
racin into space slave 1 for the quick escape

and then I zip for days hopin that I lost heat
you lost me, if you thinkin proudly that you got me

Aint no amount see, that allows g's to found me

accept it i'm elusive with the gift, so get from round me
Mandalorians, can't break the bond yo
freeze you rappers in carbonite like Han Solo

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