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TONY HOLLINS lyrics : "Bitten By The Bug"

Take it easy son,
I can tell you've been drinking some,
But your head seems to be screwed on straight,

Your eyes rolled back but your words are ok,
Enthusiastic tone littered with the signs of a smitten young hope.

You've got it bad,
You've been bitten by the bug,
Your words are twisted as you struggle,

To play it off like you are in control,
Just take a breath, I do love hearing you talk like this.

You found the warmth.

Tonight you roll,

Your hair looks slick you got your button down on so,
You're good to go, You're good to go,
You've practiced conversation pieces,

I don't think you'll need it but what ever works ya know.

You've found the warmth.

Casanova, go woo the crap out of her I know,
You're falling over yourself,

You're good to go,
You're good to go,
You're good to go,

Go grab it you've earned it son.

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