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lets dispense with the formalities/
i try to affect
records like exercise to calories

in this rap universe you get respect with salary
i wanna help contribute and retexturize the galaxy, you know that %#@! is

tryna find hip hop's plymouth rock
turns out it's vintage stock,

respected guys are pals of me

you not the livin truth, you the livin crock ifya pop

off written schlock 'bout a prison block you not

i'll draw it out for you and vectorize/

kind of blindness does more than just infect the eyes

reflected in affected rhymes like eating fruit and
neglecting to wash the pesticides but it never stands the test of time

the text i write, i create anew/
save to my
desktop, open it later and - ecclectic lines!

just cuz they rap it doesn't make it true
a runny nose and stuffy head doesn't make it flu

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