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TONY DEWAYNE lyrics : "Resume`"

Verse 1: (Tony Dewayne)
Live from a place where all the winners be
Got your up and coming rappers then there's me

A un-deserving leader with a tendency
To feed to you whats at stake for him
It's tender see?

The people's needs where I intercede
I drop science so we have chemistry
So one day we can sit and enjoy the imagery of where we live

Without renter's fees and its winter free
I'm all about progress
^!$$%s want change but they ain't making deposits

The struggle ain't in vane
So don't let it leave your veins
Cause when you skip the process

You just become processed
You can't remove the ghetto from my blood
But since my soils been watered I don't settle for the mud

On the corners where they hold the mettle full of slugs
As a flower I just show them petals full of love

Hook: (Solo U Kno)
And we ain't never been here
But it feels like we done been here

Think you living life thats pretend though
You too old to play them games like Nintendo
And if you never heard this

I know it's got you nervous
You feel it way down in your spirit
But since you'll probably never admit it

The Resume`

Verse 2: (Tony Dewayne)

They turn the lights out in the movies so you focus on the screen
And you don't get distracted by the motion in between
I'm walking through the dark

Only sight needs light
Vision is whats helping me get closer to my dream
Hoping ya'll embrace the way I'm coasting off of patience

Cautious of the people's faces hoping that I make it
I know for some of them I'm just a token
And they waiting till I'm situated so I can alter they situation

Well I take they situations to altars
Asking God to restore my intentions on being faultless
So while I walk if he's calling

I can walk in my calling
This is for some of my ^!$$%s that never saw autumn
Owe it to all of them

Before the lead is spilled
Lets get our cabbage right
And make our lettuce peel

And for you ^!$$%s that avoid
Trying to help us fill the void
Like a trained Dog I see the pet is still(pedestal) to steal

Hook: (Solo U Kno) (Repeat)

Verse 3: (Tony Dewayne)
This is the opus of a skinny dude
Who grew up seeing people focus on too many rules

I can never cope with the hopeless
So I'm bout to go from penny shoes to Jimmy Choos
Never handed a thing

Ain't have a silver spoon
He'll never get from the bottom
That's what they still $$#ume about him

The testimony's in the test
I lost the meaning of tired cause rest will make you the rest
I only see the highs not the depths

Cause i always thought more about not having less
Picasso for my ^!$$%s with the pictures I express
Tell them we can live a painting we just gotta change the sketch

And the stuntin ain't over wait..
Cause now we upper scale like over weight
I'm just ignorant to acceptance

But, accepting exceptions
So i can be rich forever

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