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Tony D lyrics : "Harvey Wallbanger"

[BEEP! ] "Information, may I help you please?"
"Yeah I'd like the number of uhh, Harvey Wallbaner please?"
"Uhh let me get you my superior"

("More powerful...")

[Tony D]

One-two, one-two, move over one-two
Mic checkin and checkin and checkin and checkin for you
Harvey Wallbanger's, back to bang walls

Lastin for hours and never takin a pause
Cause Harvey, that is his name
And any other Harvey's just ain't the same

Although it seems amusing ain't a damn thing funny
So get that smirk off your face, money
And let's simply take a ride on the wild side

And bust our $$# on the rawhide
Sex packets? I don't need to try these
Cause Harvey's in there for the 90's

With the quickness, speed, and agility
Harvey - has the ability
To reach the seventh letter of the alphabet

So Troy Wonder - tell 'em who to get


Harvey [...]
You gotta get Harvey [...]
What's his name? His name is Harvey [...]

You know what I'm talkin? Get Harvey [...]

[Tony D]

Take off the hat this ain't no time for fashion
Why? This is a time for passion
Yes, another Harvey summer

What? I'm cloggin pipes like a plumber
This ain't the desert put away the cactus
Harvey - never needed any practice

He was born with the skill and technique
Technic - since I'm on it let me speak
About my DJ, Troy Wonder on the fader

With the quickness, teamed up with the fitness
Now who in the world has a faster wrist
Nobody tell 'em why Troy [Rakim] ("cause I've mastered this")

Yes you heard it from the grapevine
Get the hell off mine - cause it's Harvey time
Barring further adieux, I must get the job done

("Let's have some fun...") with Harvey


Harvey [...]
It's Harvey [...]


[Tony D]

There's a knock at the door, yo guess who's here
Harvey? Nah, Jimmy the Queer

And Jimmy's just a little squirt kind of a Pee Wee Herman
Homeboy be like squirmin
Loose like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

I fit tight like a girdle
And when I quote I float note for note
So there's no need to ("CLEAR MY THROAT!")

Cause Harvey's skill you could never measure
So sit back relax and enjoy the pleasure
Harvey stays stiffer to the break of dawn

And goes ("on and on...")
Flowin like a river, passin your liver
Long enough to make your backbone shiver

Goosebumps, make you feel like you're numb
And it takes a long time 'til he says ("I'm comin!")

It's Harvey [...]
It's Harvey [...]

It's Harvey [...]
Harvey [...]

[Tony D]
Now when it's time to stroke ("GO!") Harvey ain't no joke ("GO!")

Boxers get hot so you might see smoke ("GO!")
But never burnin, cause I like to examine
Snatch, before I start rammin
Harvey, the new %#@! for the summer
Like neon, so put your pink on

Or your blue on, or even your red on
Cause even in the dark I'm dead on... target
And I never miss ONCE!
I'm always hittin the cunts
For the 90's, most definitely in there

Freaks of the world beware...

It's Harvey [...]
It's Harvey [...] yeah you know what I'm sayin baby

It's Harvey [...] you wanna get stanky? Yup
It's Harvey [...] so get out your notes, your pad and pencil
Cause this is the explanation

For the 90's, most definitely in there, y'knowhatI'msayin?
The family, most definitely got, the big Harvey's y'knowhatI'msayin?

Troy Wonder got the Harvey, [?] got the Harvey
Ministers of Black got the Harvey
YouknowhatI'msayin? [BLEEP] got the Harvey
Poor Righteous Teachers most definitely got the Harvey
So now you know what a Harvey is, I must say
Peace - and to anybody I forgot, Harvey - in there for the 90's

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