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Tony D lyrics : "Don't Fall For The Gas Line"

[Tony D] Sing!
"Yeahhhhhhhh-ahhhhhh..." - "Yeahhhh-ayahhh-ahhhh!"

[Tony D] I can do that!

[Tony D]
It's time for grillin, mentally killin!
Weak-ass brain cells I'm fillin

UP, but not with gas I use diesel fuel
Yo, the weasels never rule - COOL!
Chill out, take a pill out the pill bottle

Pain killer to the throttle!
Huddle! Dwell about the movin
From the voice Tone puddle, stand in your own

Beatdown, you went too FAR in your video
Brothers got hip to the flow
With the quickness, cause that's the way it goes

Against the thickness, now everybody knows

[Chorus: x4]

"Don't fall for the gas line..."
"Don't... don't..." [echoes]

[Tony D]
You should've thought about the name of your dancers (of your dancers)
Now it's eatin you away like cancer

On the double, trouble is the only thing you're makin
(Makin) when your people equal bacon!
You should have KNOWN! You're not the one to try to teach

People you can't reach!
Hear me, clearly, you are merely near me
My mind's a wheel try to steer me

But you gotta take the right direction
In the mirror there's no reflection
Cause you're a devil, equal to the level of a zero

Yo, nobody's hero
As time goes on, don't be afraid to learn
Respect that's somethin that you got to earn

You can't achieve this, by wavin the pucker-up banner
I hear trouble on the scanner


[Tony D] Break it down

[Flavor Flav: x4] "Hear ye, hear ye..."

[Tony D]
They say push it to the limit so I push a little harder
Like a surgeon, remove a part of your dome

As you tamper with each toy
But you forgot you were a bleach boy
I am who I am and that's a fact

I couldn't be somebody else I wasn't born to act
That's a statement, made by a couple of friends of mine
So I decided it's time

To bring back the attack cause you slack and you lack
Potential, which is quite essential
The word of the third is absurd and unheard

Facts came out twisted from the mouth of a nerd
So keep tattlin, there's no need for battlin
I keep doin what I'm doin while you're rattlin

So keep hissin, and shootin out venom
To the public, when it's the truth I send them


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