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TONIO CASTRO lyrics : "Pain"

man thats all on me
Music and pain

its just a melody
Distance and pain
I swear its killing me

Man thats all on me

It was pain when I left my siblings
Back where I was born
Family in heart

For the respect that they have shown
I hope to count blessings till the day that I am gone
Cuz my momma brought me in

And Hate can take me out this world.
I say
I gotta look tough cuz

First impressions count
Becoming a man
Its not as easy as I thought

But one day
one day
one day

Youll see what this rapping thing was all about
That flu ill be spitting
Man why you still competing

Im the last piece of the puzzle
that the rap game has been missing
When I hit 4 number ones

Its a perfect time for wishing
Cuz money gets me high
$#&@ the drugs and the addiction

$#&@ those people who you used to call your friends
just turn your back on them
never talk to me again

Im always saying dreams never fade
So when I do it big
I expect a Tonio how you been


Talking bout pain
But your Words cant hurt me
I write on the spot

And Your singing and rehearsing
A couple girls I like
But im sure they couldnt trust me

Cuz I never fell in love
Only cupid loves me
Well Thats not my fault

who is there to blame
I cant keep lying
Got her sleeping in my brain

Shell never wake up cuz shes resting on the sand
And the saddest part about it is that I cant even say her name.
Lay off of the romance

Im rocking like the romans
Bass breaking windows
Like im breaking in your home and

Im just tryna blow up
To make a mark in music history and
once I make it

dare a rapper to try to get a piece of me
Cuz im be making hits
Cuz Ill be going hard

And ill be driving whips
Gaining haters off of cars
Getting crispy cash

And going hard in the paint
Happiness and joy
While im putting them through



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