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TONEDEFF lyrics : "Sunrise"

The night has been so dark and cold
I want to walk all alone in the sunrise

In the sunrise

[Verse 1]

When the day is done
And I can't breathe, no I can't see
No, no with my eyes on fire

Yeah, with my eyes on fire
I feel like I'm working every single day of the week
And I can't sleep, no no, with my heart on fire

Yeah, with my heart on fire

[Hook X2]

[Verse 2]
Do you wanna live? I wanna remember what it feels like

To be embedded in a real life
When the deal's dicey and it's evident it's another surreal night
Then I'm f'in to check if the lid on my head is sealed tight

Cause I would give anything to replenish the dream inside
Tethered together by a steel line
Drawing its heat from the light, deprived

Reaching for Helios' height's
Leaning without a means to survive, till the ceiling divides
I hid every bit of esteem and concealed it inside

Cause when you need to feed on it, then it eats you alive
Cause when you believe that you're right and nobody's seeing your side
You tend to agree - I don't need another reason to die

People can turn a blind eye and you've gotta pardon them
When your character flaw is a self-imposed martyrdom
Part of the prob is shock it exists

It's seen but never felt like a victim describing a shot to a witness
Isn't this just coincidence? The %#@!'s a mess
Missing photosynthesis in this den I'm imprisoned within

It's a sin as I wither away
As if business will give me the pleasure that flickers and fades as I live in this haze
I wanna be riddled with millions of rays on the skin of my face

Till the cinnamon pigment is colored crimson in shade
And I've been in the gray and I'm sick of waiting
And I don't want to wonder anymore if the sun has risen today

[Hook X2]

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