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Tone Tone lyrics : "I Ain't Playin Witcha"

[Talking: Tone-Tone]
Yeah, It's Tone-Tone in here
K, I, Double D on the track, if you in the club you in the hood, you riding good

Knamsayin', you deep in the club you and ya' gang, everybody

[Verse 1: Tone-Tone]

These boys mad cause I'm doing my thang
I been getting recognition, I ain't new in the game (what?)
I roll with soldiers soldiers

And I got a squad in that nolia nolia (what?)
See where I'm from life is real
We getting money my dog ant threw ice in his grill (what?)

And when we hit the club
All eyes on us we get groupie love (what?)
I'm the king of the east

I'm all yall call and heard In The D in the streets (what?)
Now I got love for my peoples
Riding round on them twenty's choppin blades on the regal (what?)

Some can't stand me at all
That's why I walk round @@#!y I ain't friendly at all (what?)
They want to see the boy do them bad

But it gets better every year I'm finna cop me a Jag

[Chorus x2: K.I.D.D.]

We getting money and we riding on them thangs
With tv's in the whip and sounds on bang
I'm finna set it off shorty in the game

And every time I'm in the club it's off the chain

[Verse 2: Tone-Tone]

The D love me, they don't hate at all
So when I get my deal I ain't acting fake at all (what?)
I'm in that big body ride

Me and my friends stick together like Bonnie and Clyde (what?)
See, Cardi's run, One or Two G's

They be going cheaper when you buy them out in the streets (what?)
And I ain't tryin' to rest under the dirt
So everywhere I go I got my vest under my shirt (what?)

And I ain't tryin' to beef
'Cause got people to put wires over ya' teeth (what?)
Over me they will murk you

How you like me now I'm sellin' crazy rapping commercials (what?)
You think you hating, they love me
I got fans cross the world that be happy to touch me

Sometimes I ask myself what the hate bout
Cause when I blow past the sounds banging vibrate ya' house

[Chorus x2: K.I.D.D.]

[Verse 3: Tone-Tone]

I came to take over the game
Instead of hip-hop, they calling rap after my name (what?)
In the club, it's wild on the floor

Haters tryin' to mug 'cause I do a thousand a blow (what?) (ha ha ha)
I just laugh at them
And let them six times four with the map on my rims (what?)

Chicks think I'm mean a little
'Cause I don't talk much, just my hat tilt a little (what?)
Hey, that's just my style

And I'm a keep on as long I satisfy my growl (what?)
Before the deal my chain was on plain
Since I got on, it's heavy, look at the weight even gained (what?)

I'm a baller now
Any girl I want to... I can call her now (what?)
I'm still in my air force one's, (for real)

Got so many pair you think that they gave me a deal

[Chorus x2: K.I.D.D.]

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