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TONE LOC lyrics : "Don't Get Close"

[Tone Loc]
Don't get close {*2X*}

Fire from the flame from the depths of hell
When I grip the microphone I tend to rock well
Burning like the rays that shoot from the sun

The title taker back breaker, coolin to the maximum
I get respect with the dollars, that I collect
I'm livin large, in massive charge, in full effect

You say you're broke without knowin, who owes ya
I do shows from here to Nova Scotia
Rippin %#@! up, tearin %#@! up, and still chilling

Friday night at the box I make a killing
The individual, soloist, from the West coast
And I'm advisin you suckers, don't get close

Don't get close {*4X*}

I'm like steel... harder than a muh'$#&@er
You mention Loc it's known, not just another sucker
Creative mind think clear with no discretion

Power of the brain made rap my total profession
Demonstratin, as eyes, are vindicated
You are relatin but later you said you hate it

Like a cobra, I strike at any time
And then it's over, as soon as I bust a rhyme
You are silenced wonderin, "What's going on?"

And then I chill, until the break of dawn
Duellin, to maintain the West coast
But I'm advisin you suckers don't get close

Don't get close {*4X*}

My rhyme is like Boo-Yaa but it's not dope
And I'm the type of MC to make all, lose, hope
Never faded or close to being traded

Check, some of the songs that I've created
"I Got it Goin' On," "Cheeba," "Wild Thing," "On Fire"
Got the rest of my pack to make a sucker retire

Standin brave, the one true soldier
You know it's whack, because Mike told ya
And I'm pricin hard like Tyson

Rhyme so sweet no need for no icing
Strapped with the gauge and lyrics are the trigger
When I perform the ego's gettin bigger and bigger

A crowd rocker and I'm the one you chose
And I'm advisin you suckers don't get close

(Don't get close) I ain't pullin no punches
And if you get too close you might get yo' $$#
knocked smooth the $#&@ out (don't get close)

I'm here the only one runnin things out of this camp
And ain't nobody superior (don't get close)
to this brother right here - and I'm gone, y'knahmsayin?

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