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TONANNI lyrics : "Stronger Than Your Pride"

Thought you'd always be here beside me
For the rest of my life
Now I know the truth, it doesn't matter

I'm so ashamed, so confused

There you go breaking my heart

I thought you'd never get this far
Need time to breathe, need time do heal
The love that I believed was real

No more cheat and lie, no more tears, tears to dry
Played me like a fool, it will come back to you

Stronger Than Your Pride
So much you have lied

It's over, and never began

Stronger Than Your Pride

Hurts me deep inside
I may cry, but I'll always be
Stronger Than Your Pride

I would never wish for you to burn in hell
But I don't wish you well

Why did you just claimed to be so true
I gave my world, all to you


It took so long to realize

You never felt the feeling deep inside
If I knew what I know today

Now the storm will go away
I won't look back, and ask for you to stay
My heart is forever strong, forever strong


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