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TOMTOM lyrics : "endless days"

(Verse 1)
All this darkness surrounds me
The walls are closing in

I'm back to where you found me
dead in my sin
but still you perused me

when I turned away
and Lord you are for me
In my darkest place

Here I am humbled before you
laying my burdens at your feet

because you said you would restore us
so I give you all of me
I don't know where you will lead me

but I trust you along the way
here's my heart please write my story
and let it end with endless days

(Verse 2)

In all ways you were tempted

so you know my pain
you said your grace is sufficient
to cover my shame

though I feel unworthy
you see another way
I was made for you souly

In death your loves is displayed.

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