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TOMMY WRIGHT III lyrics : "Wish you would"

[Verse 1: La Chat]
$#&@ you hoes (*##$es I'm La Chat I'm crunk and I really don't give a $#&@
Got a mother$#&@in' list goin' down the $#&@in' line

Gotta see which punk (*##$ I buck
Hoes ain't talkin' bout %#@! just keep up %#@!
And I'm quick to click on a (*##$

Dump 'em in a $#&@in' ditch, burn 'em to the $#&@in' ground
I have no remorse for the coward $$# snitch
^!$$%s bucked out to you boys I have no love man $#&@ you hoes

Never ever fall wid weak game
Trust no (*##$ that's how this pimpin' %#@! go
Robbin' mobbin' shoot to kill for real that %#@! so played out y'all

Mother$#&@a wanna bump style shoot a ^!$$% down
Take a ^!$$% life I keep a tone
(*##$ can't disrespect me cause I damage her eternal soul

Fill a hi-zoe body up wid a nine millimeter bullet hole
Blastin' a mother$#&@a vampin the scene committin' a serious crime
Catch me if you can I'm dodgin' these (*##$es never gon' do no time

!@&!s wanna buck I ain't givin' a $#&@ I'm pluggin' you (*##$es dead
$#&@ a mother$#&@in' (*##$ shoot that mother$#&@in' %#@!
Blast you in your $#&@in' head

[Tommy III talking]
Know what I'm sayin'?, y'all heard that?

Blast, cause that's how we do it, Sinistaz ^!$$%

[Chorus: 2 Faced & (Tommy III)] [both sing simultaneously]

Man I wish a mother$#&@a would bring, they $$# off in the hood
Be down til this life is took,

We don't play man I wish a mother$#&@a would, Crunk!
(This click right here we be... BUCK!)
(This click right here we be... crunk!)

(This click right here we be, we be, killaz)
(This click right here we be, we be, bout that screela)

[Verse 2: 2 Faced]
Stayin' higher than a locust, my (*##$ callin' me hopeless
But although I can't focus, livin' life bogus, violators gettin' roasted

And a ^!$$% better know this, (Say what!)
I know the game from the oldest
Listen up close while I quote this bonafied mack %#@!

Got my brother Romeo, wid a loaded Calico
in the back ah the black Cadillac (*##$
Breakin' haters like a stick, keep it greased keep it lit

Droppin' hits on ya muh$#&@in' head ^!$$%
Stick steel in ya back and in ya leg ^!$$%
And I ain't stoppin' til ya sissy $$# dead ^!$$%

Singin' music and scared ^!$$%,
Shoulda taught about the consequences and the outcome
hog tied bleedin' in the back ah the ride wid a chest fulla dum dums

Y'all ^!$$%s don't want none, I'm comin' through like teflons
Tryna teach my lil son, about education, economical and political
and social development and then some, did I mention,

My psychiatrist kinda confused she seein' and don't understand me
She can't explain, the thoughts I be thinkin'
Said I come from a disfunctional family

2 Faced the bandit my brain is more lethal than those
who can click and kill hundreds of people
The knowledge I'm kickin' is sharp as a needle

Closin' down shop wid a nine millimeter
Hit him in the back wid a (*##$ ^!$$% eater
Leave him on the ground havin' a, concussion

Down wid the dirty, Street Smart ^!$$%
Get ready for Southern destruction


[Verse 3: 2 Faced]

I'm stuck in a state of confusion, but can't nobody tell me the bidness
I have witnessed, witnessed %#@! for 23 years tryna cure this sickness
Mob wid the realest alotta these ^!$$%s be softer than !@%$

So I'm anti-social, stand on my tippy toe watchin' for foes
That's watchin' for me like a mack is supposed to
Stay full ah that doja cause see I can't focus

wid out that intoxicate up in my system
A twisted mentality sets me outside from the rest of the world
when I blast I won't miss 'em, seek knowledge and wisdom
And stay sixty feet, away from these haters and traitors and phonies
I learn in the game these ^!$$%s shoot slugs

Just because you show love don't mean you my homie
I feel I'm the only one keepin' it real
So I mob wid the steel paranoid under pressure
Home all aone and they back in that zone
Wid two loaded Rugers on top ah my dresser

But I'm willin' to betcha there's some !@%& fool
Gon' try to step up and get twisted like dreads
Nobody trustworthy no mercy is shown,
They blastin' wid tones that'll take off your head
I beat you like lead, so don't play no games

You recognize the real better known as 2 Faced
I mob wid ah legion ah heathens that buck for no reason
And shakin' %#@! like an earthquake

[Tommy III talking]

Enough said, 2 Faced, really
That's killa backwards, what that mean?
Take a wild guess, (*##$


[Tommy Wright talks til end of song is screwed]

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