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TOMMY WRIGHT III lyrics : "The big picture"

(feat. Memphis "G", Mr. Emp, Mr. ^!$$%)

[Hook: Mr. ^!$$% & (Mr. Emp)]

Whenever that ya die ya can't take %#@! wit ya
Some of my homies blind and can't see the big picture

(What ya gonna do when the riggamortis hit ya?)
Now who gon' rescue your soul,
(When the reaper come and get ya?)


[Verse 1: Mr. Emp]

Takin' nothin' but chances, wid a twistin'
That'll take your situation, stimulation got me, bringin' home the bacon
What ya sayin', I know man, life ain't what it used to be

Now we got to lay that program down on the t-o-p
Stackin' nothin' but d-o-e to escape this pain and misery
Mind over the relation best respect the devil or family

(*##$ come hang wid me, sendin' them slugs to you randomly
That's the way it goes ^!$$% and that's the way it's gonna be
Wanna be havin' that broad, see ya fallin' ^!$$% wid a broke

Payin' all them back half, ^!$$%s are dead, in they graves
See the grain the grain, of this game, tryna maintain
Afta playin' Jesse James they get they $$# blown off the scene

Leave more brains then pop, let's go and street block
Swisher, need some, two eleven strolled up on the prop
So sit back and lounge, and twist yourself a Swisher

Cause when your $$# die you can't take that %#@! wit ya


[Verse 2: Mr. ^!$$%]
I close my eyes and vibe take a pull from the blunt

Thinkin' and reminiscin' now a ^!$$% be goin' from pimps to pumps
And I remember, when ^!$$%s loved jackin'
But nowadays ^!$$%s'll drop your $$# while the argument happenin'

But now I'm lookin' three hundred and sixty degrees around me
Shiesty ^!$$%s flossin' while my baby momma's annoyin' me
And I got to work with this condition I be livin' in

I'm ready to do some dirt I'm on a mission for my dividends
Who'd ever thought that I'd result to sellin' dope?
Cause ah the gangsta $$# ^!$$%s and thugs vibin' off the rhymes I wrote

I'm outta this hood see this ghetto,
Is where a man'll be pickin' up bullet shells at the spots I used to play at
And you wonder how it is to see a roaddog die,

And you wonder how it is to see his old girl cry
I'm lookin' em eye to eye but ya can't see the big picture
That when yo $$# die ya can't take %#@! wit ya


[Verse 3: Memphis "G"]
Now it's too late for me to turn back,
I left my finger prints on the steering wheel from the Lex that I jacked

I got no time to relax, I'm quick to react
Spotted a old lady gettin' out a 2G Lac
I told her move back, don't make me put you on yo back

Start actin' like a dope fiend and smoke you like some crack,
Get me actin' like a wildcat,
Cause it's a fact that I've been known to run up medical bills wid this gat

What might ah started over somethin' small as a tap
Results in confliction death over hood rats
Kill a ^!$$% for some #~!!@ what the $#&@ is up wid that?

So many ^!$$%s done screwed that, so ^!$$% why you chewin' that?
The only reason she $#&@in' wid ya is cause you got that sack
Keep borrowin' her money from you but she never gonna pay you back

Game you lack, and you ain't got the stomach to be no mack
That's why when God call for you they ain't no comin' back


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