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TOMMY WRIGHT III lyrics : "Murder Weapons"

(feat. Project Pimp)


I had a anna wid murder weapons I'm sweepin' the city
Hate the rizole they practicin' hoe I buried them (*##$es
It ain't no love for you dirty dirties I'm packin' that thirty

Under the porch wid the camouflage
^!$$% that laughin' I'm scopin'

[Verse 1]
^!$$% bring it on
Peep the plan and all them fake $$# friends

(*##$ I'm by my lonesome but that thirty by me drinkin' gin
Saggin' my pants and muggin' lookin' undereyed wid thirty slugs
Bustin' wid no mercy hangin' out the hooptie rippin' me and cuz

Hoe this %#@! for real,
this is the heat that let you know the deal
(*##$ them games you play is make me determine

whether should you live,
%#@! on (*##$es $#&@ 'em
$#&@ the past and present time will hold

Out for just the money cappin' #~!!@
that %#@! cause the dough,
Lit the strip wid diamonds big buck grill

but you hate my kind
Understand this %#@! can happen
any kinda day I'm packin' mine

What you wanna do,
$#&@ that %#@! you call your crew,
And your kinfolk too

Bustin' thrities wid no mercy
under the piece we drinkin' brew
I stand on the man, ain't no love

Why is the $#&@ we playin'?
Is it just me or is it the way I walk and how I serve yo man
$#&@ yo weak $$# clan,

(*##$ it's the Hill a hoe has nothin' else
Thirty cannon bullets rippin' yo vest
and can you catch your breath

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
I'm deep in the cut not givin' a $#&@
I'm peepin' and creepin' and Project Pimp bustin' on lame

Penetrate demonstrate murder rate heavyweight
here comes the thirty can' hollow point swang
The %#@! ain't the same I'm bringin' the pain

I'm climbin' and hangin' and jumpin' out trees
Time for the young ones that thuggin' and rushin'
you (*##$es and snitches that's itchin' for kis

Hater done tell me it's greed, but hoe I just need
The scents and the smell ah that cheese
Drop it off gimme some but I'm not robbin' you

Hoe I'm just out for the %#@! that I believe
Cause some ah these ^!$$%s are pickin' out
Project thug Project mug in a hoe prison for real

Nina and a switchblade 'member I'm sick
and that forty glock thirty can bust a hoe grill
Hit the block never stop rollin' wid thirty friend

Beat up the neighbourhood drinkin' on Seagrams Gin
How do you figure I'm flodgin' I'm mobbin'
wid infinite ^!$$%s that's all about dividends

Project Pimp Project thug Project will $#&@ up
^!$$%s and leavin' you ^!$$%s in ditches
Alleyway rippin' and runnin' and gunnin'

convictable leave the body bloody wid stitches
Thirty done rippin' and creepin' a ^!$$% was
slippin' and stiffin' and flodgin' that pimpin'

Tellin' me how I'ma wear my hat on your street
and a banana clip under that %#@!
Anyway $#&@ around kick around wid gin and Hen

Smilin' wid super thought look at my body
(*##$es they hit me up on the horn
$#&@ what you wanna do Project Pimp man ah the party (*##$

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Civilized and buck and wild and ^!$$%s so called actin' bad

Really don't wanna kill him but he pushin'
Don't frown peep and laugh
With them ^!$$%s that'll pull them triggers
Double O be for real,
After we take care ah that lil bidness (*##$

we sit back drink and chill
Ain't no love for ^!$$%s (*##$es !@$)gots
wid them barricade,
Tryna stop my come up (*##$
I post up wid them hand grenade

Death is my intention,
$#&@in' wid a ^!$$% like the Project thug
On the blay wid a pistol one in the chamber
with the Project mug,
Hollow P-O-I-N-T plus T.I. A-K got the plan

Project P-I-M-P peep double O eight broke the law and ran
Cross off friends they stupid,
$#&@ theyself off when they cross they boss
^!$$%s talk that %#@! around they posses
but can't walk the walk
Upside down wid liquor that's the bidness

cause Project the meanest,
All about that creepin' late night callin'
Watch thug ^!$$%s finish
Haters you could stop at playin' them games
and keep your mind off mine,
$#&@ you talkin' bout squashin' Project Pimp bustin'
^!$$% I'm on the grind, on the grind

[Chorus x2

[Lots of shout outs til fade]

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