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TOMMY WRIGHT III lyrics : "Man Slaughter"

(feat. Project Pimp, T-Dawg, Tini)

[Hook: Tommy Wright]

Get that mother$#&@a, get that mother$#&@a get him
Get that mother$#&@a, get that mother$#&@a get him

Get that mother$#&@a, get that mother$#&@a get him
Get that mother$#&@a, get that mother$#&@a, get his busta $$# get him
Dump him in my trunk, drag him to the river

Dump him in my trunk, drag him to the river
Dump him in my trunk, drag him to the river
Dump him in my trunk, drag him to the river

[Tommy Wright III]
Wakin' up early in the mornin', straight up joanin'

Gotta get full ah them drugs, leavin' them ^!$$% wid slugs
Couple ah Memphis two faced ^!$$% that thug
It ain't no love, I told you before,

So lemon $$# ^!$$%s get filled up wid lead
Get caught by surprise, come duck and be tried
They instantly die, bullet one to the head,

Blood gotta shed when I load up my rifle
a sniper deliverin' lead to your dome,
Shot been inflicted wid doses of pimpin'

I hang in South Memphis but hell is my home
Home wid them killas my ^!$$% cap peelers
gravediggas remember my temper is short,

Snortin' cocaine, it's $#&@in' up my brain
My mind is maintained by devious thoughts,
Keepin' a weapon of any ill threat

that's for suckas who stampin' and pluggin' that hole
My roadie be killin' cap peelin', dog dealin',
two villain, no feelin' for snitches who nosey,

Givin' out clout to them clock of a dolla straight bought 'em
I saw them wid triggas I sawed 'em,
No mercy for ^!$$%s I'm out to make figgas

I'm leavin' 'em in rivers so bodies gettin' hotter,
I thought of a plan, to murder a man,
and get away clean wid the money and dope

The tradegy I will leave will be like fatally
tied the two to the tree put 'em up in my smoke
Full ah that $#&@in' blow, rippin' a forty-four

Chief as I cough and throw up on them mega blunts
^!$$%s who flodgin' get broke when I'm robbin'
So suckas start dodgin' or get put up in my trunk


[Project Pimp]
Pistol grip forty-four in my hand, ten wanted men got a masta plan
Chasin' that (*##$ till he run outta breath,

Bullets don't stop he gon' meet his damn death,
Put him in a ditch, deep in the ground,
Burnin' the mug, you got some gas,

Smackin' him with that forty-four (*##$
Finger on trigger keep tellin' me blast
Nuthin' but this thang, everyday thang,

Killin' ^!$$%s, doggin' hoes
Ten wanted men once again wid a bang
Project Pimp I'm shootin' them tones

Hangin' out at the door wid the dope forty-four pistol
and vamp wid the gin on the seat and I'm pullin' the triggers
that leave his $$# cuz, Project Pimp ah psycho thug

Man T-Dawg in the joint once again

for the nine-six Street Smart bumpin' that %#@!,
Leavin' these ^!$$%s $#&@ed up, whopped up wid that thirty R six (*##$
Cappin' and snatchin' these killas drug dealers cap peelers

We out for your gravy hoe,
Ten wanted men on a mission wid murder %#@!
That (*##$ got your classy hoe,

Creepin' slow, on the floor, on a hoe
lookin' for the trick, wid the riches up in this thang
Strapped like Jack wid a click in my back

in the getaway van, ready to blast
Body bags, on the ground, I'm leavin' these ^!$$%s for them folks
Man T-Dawg I'm outty five but another ^!$$% classy clothes


Creepin' to the scene in a glimpse, never seen,
Disappear, like a ghost in the wind it's me
T to the I to the N to the I to the M-A-I-N-E, Tini

Pockets feelin' broke so I gotta make a stang
On a lemon man that's got me $#&@ed up the game
Comin' from the dark so I bust your heart
wid the seven Jason masks gimme all the cash hit the gas,
Smack and kick your (*##$ up the side her head then cuff her

time to gag her wid the Tommy Hilfiger that I snatched up off yo (*##$,
Tie your hands behind your back,
Get the oxy vogues from the window out the 'Lac,
Chiefin' on another sac I got another plan,
Hit the stach pot cheese and dope,

His bow was in the blow, we left him on the floor,
Smack him one more time before we go,
Hopped into the Chevy thang let me throw up again,
As the green, let me think, Tini five, no I strive
How that like that ain't no way that ain't no good
But I can't afford to make no losses Jason mask ain't this a (*##$,

Millimetre jealous so they scopin' me, bloody glock is in my hand
Perry Ellis smellin' like a lucci, quarter ounce a dope is in the air
brothers can't stand the truth playa robbers creepin' from the east
Glock seventeen lookin' mean, as release, @@#! it back
Spin rounds over the side to the ground,
Did ya, did ya get him?, yes I got him,

As I tired ah bustin' scatter creep ya knees to the back sippin' Crown
Thinkin' of a scheme it's a dream it's for real lay him dead
Mr. Tini maine ya shouldn'ta crossed me out
Forty-five Gs, six kill a pound a weed, two other trees
Manslaughter, Tini five I'm in the house

[Hook x1]

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