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TOMMY WRIGHT III lyrics : "Local Jokers"

(feat. Chargepartnaz, C-Roc (Tommy Wright III))

[Chorus: x2]

Too nationwide to be local goin' worldwide wid my vocals
Comin' up on you (*##$es while all you bustas stay local
Remember the phrase that you wouldn't make it?, well I made it (*##$,

I'm gettin' rich you gettin' dicked off your producer and click

[Verse 1: Lil Sko]

Straight from Shelby County
It's them ^!$$%s man shoot gettin' away from the bounty,
Hunter cause I done a stang, it's whenever whatever man

Gots to get me gold, but it ain't at the end ah the rainbow
Thinkin' about me cash flow while sippin' on a Mickelo
I went for box Chevys prowled around big boy %#@! lookin' heavy

See most ah y'all really can't rap
and get booted outta the industry like confetti
But keep it an' come steady, gots to stay about my screela

Never known to be no killa but put that thrilla, in yo raw manilla
It's raps last drug dealer, keepin' me path clear four leaf clover
Knowin' one day I'll be flippin' my tricycle in, for a Range Rover

See bustas know it's over, I'm runnin' over obstacles like a tractor
[But what if somebody try to get wit you Sko?]
Rebel and it wasn't no factor


[Verse 2: Psycho]
Now I came up hard in the rap game tryna get my mother$#&@in' ends to meet
Got tired ah walkin' the streets and patch my feet all on the concrete

Ten toes down do not $#&@ around, on this black and blue part ah town
You best to grab yo tone when ^!$$%s wid gold teeth come around
Now I might be the P, to the S, to the Y, to the C, to the H, to the O

But I'm still about my cash flow so back up off me hoe
Now who's to say a ^!$$% from the South ain't got the right to be

?When moms put the game down?,
was the first mother$#&@a ^!$$%s see on tv's and wide
Chargepartnaz in the house, ^!$$% run ya mouth

^!$$% straight from the mother$#&@in' Dirty South
We started this, so why you cryin' (*##$
That's why we kick ya mother$#&@in' $$# out the click

Ya got anna joan, betta bring it on
Every mother$#&@in' Chargepartna carry tone
^!$$% bonafied, ^!$$% sure to find

Ya click showin' up on record lable nationwide


[Verse 3: C-Roc]
Feel me, comin' from the land ah M-Town to flex

And I ratter tatter tatter put ya down in the ground
And chomp up the Street Smart, Family
Are you ready to go to war?, can you handle me?

Every hater want a song when I'm down to clown
Jealousy'll will never get the best ah me I'm firin'
Enemies to the ribs, every mother$#&@in' ^!$$% gonna feel it

Every gang, every cut, wanna ride wid a rut
Yet still, yet still I gotta tell 'em what's up
Straight from a Chevy, to the Lex, or a plane, to a jet

Sippin' Dom Perignon out a cup, enemy duck,
Never put trust in the ones that I ride wid
We stay timed to click up

Used to be bigger but I not scared
Plus I don't get what I'm livin' for will I corrupt
We comin' so clean on you haters and thinkin' it's love

But we worryin' for sets that are close
The gangsta boo family that gimme respect
Take they (*##$es and serve 'em we send to the door

And we bust if you don't know,
Get twisted by steppin' or vampin' a hation a Gs
Street Smart baby gimme the contract

Cause all the productivity will make it achieve


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