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TOMMY WRIGHT III lyrics : "Late night"

[Hook: x2]
You better watch your back for them thugs in the late night
Them ^!$$%s that be glock tight, killin' everything in eyesight

Showin' no remorse when we buck a (*##$ down see
Late night when we ball outta control and act a clown G

[Verse 1: 2 Cold]
They be ridin' in them old school cars, wid the see through, they can see you
These streets so $#&@in' lethal ^!$$% kill ya fore they greet ya

It's one hundred per cent evil, but some don't believe in God
Tryna flodge, in around that's dark, get a little bit ah heart
Cause some be nervous, it's gettin' late night when mothers get worried

Tryna hurry this (*##$ out the $#&@in' club to the back ah the suburban
She just flirtin', you don't know she workin',
Wid the ^!$$%s in the back that sippin' that Bourbon

We leavin 'em splurgin' and they pockets hurtin'
Now you swervin' cause you perved, eyes halfway shut like a curtain
And the ^!$$% behind ya thinkin' about some dirt in some shorts

Plus they tired ah sittin' on tracks slangin' hovers to the club
Night time air, make ^!$$%s hot cause even these hoes $#&@in' lovely
And the result is ^!$$%s gettin' bucked, and dropped them digits

Cause the cheese that this playa had, up in his britch
Momma soon to report ya missing,
Police ride but they never ever find a witness

^!$$%s die in this late night business the ^!$$%s creep
Check the realness of this ^!$$% yo and we comin' deep
And for $$# we gon lay 'til these ^!$$%s get put to sleep

Never ridin' ^!$$%s hide to see you comin' up (I see you)


[Verse 2: Smooth]
The suns sets in my city 'round eight 'o clock

That's when young thugs come out wid they mean mugs on, strapped wid glocks
Down and dirty $#&@ the world ain't got %#@! to lose
So call me a balla but to me I'm just a damn fool

Straight up out the South, watch yo mouth when we rollin' through
^!$$%s from my set don't give a $#&@ 'bout puttin' holes in you
Mobbin' like we Gotti turnin' parties out wid hundred round

Clips from my AK when I spray you best to hit the ground
Leave 'em lookin' pitiful, we can make it critical
(*##$ we chewed up she so predictable like Mystikal

Kickin' doors offa hinges when we mob we rob for kis and G's
We got plenty ammunition, plenty (*##$es and weed
They wanna see me at the bottom, locked down for petty %#@!

$#&@ the river in the ocean tryna net a bigga fish
We got the streets locked down check our status we be made ^!$$%s
Tryna hit a lick around this (*##$ for at least seven figures

So drop it off to these young bosses, 2 Cold and Smooth in this (*##$,
Rep your %#@!, we takin' no shorts no losses


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