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TOMMY WRIGHT III lyrics : "Intention To Kill"

(feat. Lil Ramsey)

[Verse 1]

$#&@ them hoes that's them boys runnin' they mother$#&@in' cap
When I jump up out the dark I'm makin' (*##$es heart collapse
And yes it's a fact I dress in black I won't be seen

I'll be tippin' through the darkness
strapped like !#@& and to the extreme
If you (*##$es feel threatened by my presence speak yo mind

I'm Mack Ramsey and it's a fact you need to know I'm one of a kind
Killin' dumpin' jackin' (*##$es but when I die, I want yac
And I hope y'all got love cause I got love for thugs and macks

You should trill what I'm speakin' if ya hear me feelin' my love
When the %#@! get to jumpin' ^!$$%z shakin' from them double eye slugs
I still see it in my mind how they twitch and shake

I jump up sweatin' grippin' my sheets so I stay awake
I smoke chronic everyday but still a ^!$$% trapped
By the voices and the sound when his backbone snapped

But weak (*##$es claimin' killer make me dig a ditch
And demonstrate a brutal killin' wid a brutal click

We be creepin' up like guerillas, we killas
My real ^!$$%z that mob wid a bustin' mask

Act a nut, when I grip %#@!

[Verse 2]
Intentions to kill let me explain how I think and act
I respect what's real, and represent only thugs and macks

I got love for the corner, it might sound strange but I truly do
The corner was there for me so the corner is there for you
You youngsters stay bout it

And stack yo cheese and don't trick for hoes
My (*##$ is like oxy vogues get me jacked I kick down the door
So speak on Lil Ramsey, it make no difference my %#@! legit

You hoes better understand I created this scandalous click
It's Lil Ramsey from Magnolia, still the same
ain't gon' change for %#@!

I'm the one who started MCC the founder of this click
So ^!$$% when you hear it, you can feel it
what I speak is true Magnolia Crown Click

MGO this junt here just for you
My ^!$$% Trilly Will blessed wid game
Blessin' a house and hoe my ^!$$%z bout they hog

Ten toes down and I know ya know
See this what's so excitin' so intriguin' yes I keep a rus'
My mind is so complex, it'll bust if I can't adjust

Confused as it may sound, understandin' that's the major key
So if you hear the message, then I know that you can feel it
Leave my nature high tech mackin' never slackin'

ain't no need to lack a ^!$$% always trackin'
tryna stack, but them crosses fat

[Hook x4]

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