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TOMMY WRIGHT III lyrics : "Get Da Anna Off"

(feat. Princess Loko)

[Princess Loko]

These (*##$es be killin' me,
They constantly talkin' bout what they gon' do to me
But I'm takin' no chance of gettin' caught slippin'

I'm clickin' on hoes that hate me
The Devil's inside ah me, controllin' my thoughts
He's tellin' me what to do, He's tellin' me make a move

He tell me to test some hoes to see what they gon' do
I be packin' that pistol grip, I be packin' that full clip
And I'm full ah that weed, I'm ready to go to war

Retaliation on you haters you ^!$$%s gon' bleed
On that strength I'm makin' me a stang
Pumpin' a hole to a mother$#&@a brain

Showin' no love to you ^!$$%s you (*##$es
Be killers, for realer ain't nothin' gon' change
So $#&@ what you haters be sayin'

I'm packin' artillery that I be ready to blast
^!$$%s be runnin' and duckin' and dodgin'
I'm blastin' these bullets all up in they $$#

What the $#&@, are you talkin' bout slugs pumpin' get in ya %#@!
I'm tellin' you ^!$$% I'm pullin the trigger and forever on up out it (*##$
P. Loko bout my fire, we ready to take a ride, and do a hoe in

We jackin' these (*##$es we takin' they riches
We layin' em down for they dividends
I grip on the glock and I aim at ya dome

Ya better be prayin' that you not gon' die
Then shift out this mother$#&@in' hoe, die mother$#&@a die

[Ms. Vicious]
Approachin' a fake, standin' alone,
Look like he's known, for packin' a tone

Artillery loaded for (*##$es who clickin'
I'm sendin' em straight to the funeral home
^!$$%s and haters thought I wouldn't make it

Don't fake it I'm keepin' it real in yo face
Eliminate (*##$es who turn into snitches
And keepin' these figures forever in place

It's such a disgrace, how we can be turned into enemies
due to these rumours and lies
When I was your age, you chiefin' and smilin'

But jealousy's lookin' me straight in the eyes
Four type ^!$$%s do the same thang too
Lovin' hoes when ya check they ain't gettin' no better

Waitin' til the first born tell a few kids
^!$$% P's wearin' hoes like a brand new sweater

[Hook: repeat 4X]
Dedicated to all ah you hoes I know this (*##$ you better not test
Bring yo pistol to the floor and get that anna off your chest

[Ms. Vicious]
Mask on and buck them (*##$es down,

$#&@ 'em up, stuck 'em up when we shootin' rounds
Let it rip when you slip, don't you try to run
Remember this, I'm the (*##$ with the $#&@in' gun

Cause I'ma set it off, ^!$$% are you ready for this?
Who runnin' this %#@!?, the mother$#&@in' top notch (*##$
You ^!$$%s wanna play wid me I'ma play wit you too

The infra-red at ya head, now, what you gon' do
Who told you, you could run up on a (*##$ that's real?
Who told you, you could get away wid out gettin' killed?

Who told you, I ain't quick enough to get in ya %#@!?
Who told you, I ain't quick enough to split yo wig?
Murder murder, murder, what, (*##$ get 'em

What ya say, what ya say huh?, run go get 'em
Are you ready to go to war wid my ^!$$%s?
(*##$ we killers wid triggers and we don't bar ^!$$%s, whoa


[Princess Loko]
Now I'm back on another mission, fill a few killings and rotate
Smith N Wesson strap you ^!$$%s be makin' my tension more valuableless

Got you hot to the point where ya wanna do dirt
Automatic when the cannon unload
How you gon' title and poet ya %#@!?
How you gon' $#&@ wid a devious (*##$?
Kill or be killed, makin' a deal

And I know you (*##$es wanna see me bleed
Bringin' some stress wid my style and so now I want you
to just stay on a sack ah this weed
B-H-Z, Black Haven Zone is where I roam as you can see
Ain't no Kool-Aid in my blood, cause I'm a mother$#&@in' M-A-C

I'ma leave you a knot and come let's get it started
I hope you want none ah this %#@!
And (*##$ my ^!$$% got somethin' to say to you hoes,
For those that don't know, can eat on his dick
^!$$%s don't know how to be trusted and ^!$$%s

And ^!$$%s and haters be trustin' my fame
But it's so easy when dealin' wid fame
You really don't have to be trustin' my name
Wicked spirits, demons I find'll be havin' a way of controllin' my thoughts
Hoe it's said the %#@! you do, but it's yo life the %#@! gon' cost

Out at six, fancy clothes, desperation '99
Princess Loko never had love for you (*##$es and haters so stay outta mine

[repeat til fade]

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