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TOMMY WRIGHT III lyrics : "Gangsta Forever"

(feat. La Chat, Playa Fly)

[La Chat]

A hoe I willl never be
That %#@! does not phase me
The L to the A to the C to the H to the A mother$#&@in' T

La Chat is my $#&@in' name
Pimpin' and playin' is my $#&@in' game
And hoe I got the knowledge and the brains on how to cake a man

The gak always in my sack
The nine always in my hand
A trigger knicca (*##$ is what I am,

Don't you understand?,
Silly sissy hoes wid anna
Gonna make La Chat have to get scandalous

(*##$es tryna ruin my rep
You best believe you'll pay for this
Identifyin' me as a hoe,

Is like diggin' a hole for your grave,
I put the nine glock to your head,
And watch your (*##$ $$# pray,

Bring it on and school wid me
These hoes wid ana-mosity
I'm takin' out all you (*##$es

Leavin' no witness at the scenery,
Never slippin', always pimpin'
Always about that $#&@in' cheese

Jealousy, never me, I'm tellin' these hoes, (*##$ please
Sucka busta $#&@as tryna run they game not on La Chat,
Game is lame cause when you $#&@ a fish whole body that I crack

[Hook: Tommy Wright & (La Chat)]

(A hoe I will never be)
A gangsta I'll forever be

[Tommy Wright III]
Gangsta for life creepin' nights Tommy Wright
Hollow tips as we grip let it rip in your $#&@in' face

Mind of a lunatic crucifix on a (*##$
Once I leave early my son come inside my place
Tommy keep snatchin' up purses and orderin' hearses

for bustas that come empty handed
Now low wid a nine to your skull
and I still come equip wid full clips Tommy known to be deadly,

Scandalous handle it as I commence in the sun and the spirits
I talk too are sleepin' I'm creepin' knee deep in a puddle of blood
I caliggy first shootin' punks who disrespect,

Sendin' out round after round like the 4th of July
do or die .45 at your temple Your life done refuse in a bucket
so $#&@ it you stuck wid a villain and finish yourself,

Too a ^!$$% life Tommy Wright full ah lead, bloodshed,
leave a ^!$$% in his deathbed scared,
Gangfight, came hype, make a ^!$$% hang tight, lay and die,

ship him then crypt him like, stay in fright
As I creep finna get paid tearin' up %#@! like a renegade,
Lookin' like there been a raid, campin', kidnap a prankster

lock him in the trunk, don't resist or ya (*##$'ll get sprayed,
In the face wid a buckshot hot bullets penetrate demonstrate Tommy Wright
don't play,

Shells, poppin' from the gun comin' Uzi weigh a tonne
Make it look like ya on ya menestrate,
Get ya cap blown out ya mouth wid a thirty R 6

Soundin' like a $#&@in' cannon when it hit,
La Chat tell these sons ah (*##$es who be creepin' on (*##$
Tell these mother$#&@as what the $#&@ you creepin' wid

[La Chat]
I'm creepin' up on these hoes wid the mother$#&@in' shotgun

My ^!$$% wid the nine showin' these (*##$es they can't get none
Whompin' and dumpin' and stompin' and doggin' these (*##$es wid anamosity
Dippin' and cakin' and breakin' these ^!$$%s

Cause these hoes can't $#&@ wit me,
La Chat got the gat creepin' up from the back
Chrome tone now it's on never love a ^!$$% joan

Cause I'ma crazy (*##$ cuttin' off ^!$$%s dicks
Man hoe take a lick, ^!$$%s gotta keep me rich
(*##$es be runnin' they mouth about this female they don't know about
Suckas keep talkin' that %#@!,
I'm puttin' these funky ^!$$%s on the house....

[Hook: keep repeating various ways]

(A hoe I will never be)
A gangsta I'll forever be

(A hoe I will never be)
But a gangsta I'll always be

(Hoe, never,)
Gangsta, forever

(A hoe I will never be)
A gangsta I'll forever be
(Hoe, never,)
Gangsta, forever
(A hoe I will never be)

But a gangsta I'll always be

[Playa Fly]
Bustaz get so dazed and amazed there's Lil Fly's chance
Memories ah smoked out, loc'd out, funked out as them demons dance
Playas lookin' wild so high style, devil's in me so

Fly can get so violent but so silent when I'm on that blow
Enhance my skill, make me trill,
Trill enough to kill at will
Will I kill you?, Fly will peel you
Off the map that's all so real
Don't you mothersuckas often wonder what to call this %#@!
Busta claimin' Mystic Stylez Lil Fly call it playa %#@!

Pimpin' be a, playa be a, Funkytown's way down to kill
You can call it Junkytown, consequence your crown we peel
Any hoe will never be, anyway so clean to me,
Gangsta type is comin' three and four see ever down wid me

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