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TOMMY WRIGHT III lyrics : "Drive-By"

(feat. Mac T-Dog)

(Roll Down The Window And Smoke!)

[{Voice In Background}:]
(Roll In Dark Tint)
[Tommy Wright:]

Drive By Hangin Up Ut The Window

Smokin On Some Indo

Gotta Get Them Fools Cuz They Gave Da Cops A Little Info

On Waist Line
I Get High

Gun On My Thigh
Ridin Low
Scoopin Up ^!$$%s In The Hood Who Say They Wanna Go

Gotta Roll Back Streets
Smokin A Junt Wit My ^!$$% Mac T
Al In The Backseat

Lookin For ^!$$%s We Might Wanna Creep
Ridin Blaze Rollin Threw Frayser
Step To Me And We Gone Squab

Nuthin But Some Born Gangsta Hesitate, Can't Wait To Rob
^!$$%s Be Wonderin' Y Tommy Be Clickin' But Sometimes Mane That Jus The Way That I Am
If U Duck

U Still Mess Up
That Aint Gone Help
Protect Yoself

Now Its Jus U Against My Gas Pedal And My Brake
And Since U Shoot Up Threw I'm Commin And This The Last Breath U Take
Now U Runnin Threw People Yards Scared U Gon End Up Dead

Jumpin Gates But U Can't Escape This Laser Infared
Spray Yo $$# Jus Like They Ricky In That Boyz N The Hood, Fool I'm Commin Out The Sunroof Wit Some Fire
Its A Drive By!

{We Gone Roll Down The Window And Somke}
[Tommy Wright:] (When We See'em We Gone)

{Roll Down The Window And Some'em}
[Tommy Wright:] (^!$$% Duck Cuz Its A Drive-By)

^!$$% Pass The Glock
Watch I Chop Yo Head Off!

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