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TOMMY LEE : Defend lyrics

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TOMMY LEE lyrics : "Defend"

Spartan sin misericodia
No me da gracia

Hijo de puta
Wa do them bwoy?
Mi seh wa do them bwoy?

Anyone a them diss marrow go fly
Pu**y them a talk tell the whole a them try
And anybody move tell the whole a them bye

Anyone a them move
Anyone a the shoot
Anyone a them move marrow go fly

Todos los muertos (descanse en paz)


Anywhere mi deh mi can defend my self
Anywhere mi go mi can defend my self
So how, mi no fi defend my self

Think mi a go meck no body come take my head

(Verse 1)

Pongo el silenciador
Cold blooded people lay down on the floor
Open the earth mi come out a the core

One to yo brain buss like metaphor
Blacks you a shooter
Tell Johan bring some plutas

especially the one the weh bore up
Sock @@#!ey one the fi show up
Sparter wi can defend wi thing

Limong wi can defend wi thing
Gaza wi can defend wi thing

Joe no come fi yo, Joe no come fi yo
That mean seh stone mi naw go fling
Mi can defend mi thing

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Sicario spin just like a cobra
Buss the pumpy left half a shoulder

Mi gun them big like baby stroller
Man a no paper bomboclaat soldier
Weh the psycho them over Nacozed deh?

Mi no tek diss yo comprende
Yo si wa mi seh? Yo comprende
Mi sing deep in a mi mete

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)

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