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Tommy Collins : If You Can't Bite, Don't Growl lyrics

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Tommy Collins lyrics : "If You Can't Bite, Don't Growl"

I whistled out at pretty girl on a corner down town
She saw me when I winked my eye and then she turned around
She came and took me by the arm I told her that it mean no harm

She said to me with a certain kind of scowl
If you don't mean a thing don't whistle if you can't bite don't growl
[ guitar ]

One night left the wife at home and went out with the boys
I was actin' like a dumb one a makin' a lot of noise
A go-go girl hold my hand I said I can't I'm a married man

She said if you're gonna steal you better not crowl
Don't do-si-do with a go-go if you can't bite don't growl
[ harmonica ]

I went home to the little wife and grabbed her at the door
I kissed her like a mad man and let out a lion roar
I jumped down from a chandelier and beat my chest and said come here

She said if you can't haunt you better not howl
I'm aften skitty with me and mama if you can't bite don't growl
[ guitar ]

I jumped down from a chandelier...

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