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TOMARTS FEAT K.RIVERS : Phone Case By Givenchy lyrics

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TOMARTS FEAT K.RIVERS lyrics : "Phone Case By Givenchy"

[Verse 1: TomArts]

Catch me getting high certainly

Invite some (*##$es To come kick it like an amputee
It's the world or me I'm what my fans came to see
I smoke weed in the public blatantly

Phone case by Givenchy Well coordinated it's kinda hard to miss me
$#&@ y'all ^!$$%s It's kinda hard to diss me
Y'all be mad if I popped shots like Doug Christie

[email protected]^#got ^!$$% don't tempt me
Boy I'm suave always And stay leaning sideways like bad toupee's
My team bound to see better days Long distance business

Beat Japanese anyways Flow stronger than many slaves
Emcees best behave It ain't nothing for me to put em in their place
This is just a little taste

K Rivers here too Killed year one
What you think I'm doing year two
^!$$%s in 2012 spittin like they Papoose

That's truth word to this sour d
No bling but my gold might say a few things
Yeah we up in VR rocking like a seesaw

Letting this steam off

[Verse 2: K. Rivers]

Rollin up know my ^!$$%s in the back wit me
We so mother $#&@in' high I can dap biggie

Dream big to the days we elapse Diddy
It's all crabs no tigers ?tyga? in my rack city
This that smooth %#@! criminals move wit

Just that cool %#@! I'm kicking like Q-tip
These ^!$$%s lightweight ^!$$% I'm flu sick
I'm Ben Gordon I ain't dealin wit bull%#@!

Im on a mission for sex money amd power
Twistin up blunt thinking bout my next dollar
Mac full of beats and a swisher full of sour

Tryna pimp the game just to get some money out of her
The powder in my kitchen made impossible my vision
I'm focused on the ends like apocalyptic Christians

Purple in my cup while I'm poppin this prescription
Ink from my soul just to document my vision

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