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TOBYMAC lyrics : "Poetically Correct (Interlude)"

Fresh air, (sigh),
Is what I needed
I ventured through my door

Into the streets of this place
I had to lower my shades to shade my face

Still squinting from the glare
What I saw was unfortunately rare
I rolled upon a variety

The sight that moved my heart
Deep inside of me
I head some cats rockin mics

Saw mad stunts on BMX bikes
Sons and daughters
Standing for their rights

A city scene lit
Well through the night
Tilted trucker hats with tats

Hittin high hats
Pinstripe sellard suits
Invested mad beats

Distinct how we live it
Many members but only one spirit.

You're on the same side

Separated verticals
We still ride

Well we bring it from nice to gritty
Read the sign kid, Diverse City.

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