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TOBYMAC lyrics : "Ignition"

Start It Up
Turn It On
We Can Ride This Storm

A Grip Of Hope In Our Hands
For The Coming Dawn
Up To Our Necks In Complexities

Causing Us To Pause
As We Collect Our Thoughts
So Don't Blink If You Wanna Come Cross The Border

Take A Look Around Or Come Test The Water
We Won't Stop 'til We See The Morning
So Welcome To The Quiet Before The Storm Hits

Turn On, Turn On The Ignition
Come On, Come On And Turn On The Ignition

Room Temperature's Fine

Sleep Walkin', No Dream Is Even Fillin' Our Minds
Earth Shakin'
We Be Quakin' Like A Wake Up Bomb

This Ain't No Trouble Overseas
No Vietnam
Sleep Walkin'

I'm Sleep Walkin'
Sleep Walkin'
I'm Still Talkin'

Come Spark The Parts In Me That All But Died
Jump Start My Heart And Wake The Sleeper Inside
Hold Up The Flag 'cuase It's Ride Or Die

Hold Up The Flag 'cause It's Ride Or Die

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