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TOBUSCUS : God of War Ascension Literal lyrics

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TOBUSCUS lyrics : "God of War Ascension Literal"

Blood and Gore Intense Violence Nudity Sexual Content PS(R)
Morning Spartans walk to work
She wishes it was "take your kids to work day"

Mom says "You know work's to far away
And daddy's got a lot of guys to kill today."
Got to pay mommy's ring off

Child leash was next payday
Hot moms can only run a couple feet
March behind some wheat!

Everyone's wearing a dress
So she can stay
Concealed and feel a shield

But she just keeps on running
To the pedicure feet. Stab wheat. Wait a beat.
Then look up

Daddy's standing on a wheat hill before everybody be killed
Run up a steep hill slow mo look up
You in trouble girl

Why'd you come to daddy's work?
Daddy can't stay mad at that sun kissed face.
Baby, did your mom put sunblock on you?

I'm not surprised. Did she water the plants?

Did she armor all my helmet?
Oh well at least you'll be close to me now.

I fall as my skin turns to ash and then so does my fashion
Everything but the ring
As he clings to the thought of his daughter

As her ash clings to him
It's like an everlasting morbid necromancer hug.
Squeeze her necklace

Cling to the happy moment sad moment happy moment happy moment sad moment
Angry moment sad moment sad moment sad moment
Angry moment angry moment ANGRY MOMENT

Oh good there're weapons on the ground
Give me something to kill

Enemies come from all around
Gonna kill, gonna kill, gonna make them die.
'Cause I'm the God of War (Ascension)

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