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TINIE TEMPAH lyrics : "Wifey Riddem"

Yeah, Yh this one is for you lot init. Hold tyt all the wifeys hold tyt all the females that stuck by their man threw thick a
n thin. You no we aint always our best init. And I no u had to put up with a lot of %#@!, u no what I mean. Hold tyt flukes on productions. Yh all ryt let me tell you about some1 real special. Oi listen.

Verse 1:
U ring me often night at precisely 9 tight no you're never of, but u were one time like ten o'clock, but that's life b and u are my wifey. You look right with your hair to the side blue jeans nice shoe and a yellow top. Like tunes from bashment to mellow rock. You're a real chick that's why I moved to you real quick, this is the real %#@!, imma settle with a real chick, anytime you call ill be there quicker than Dorothy says click. Cause you make me feel %#@! iv never felt in my life if ever I see my life ill wish 4eva you'd be my wife. Cause girl what ever you'll be ill like and I mean everything. I plan to give you many rings and I don't mean phone calls I mean any bling, anything you want ill try to make it possible, cause iv got fame and fam but without you its like iv lost it all. Your sexy Jamaican roots make you cook that hot and not just only that cause your South American side brings out your back off. And I would advise those other guys to back off cause you'll be pissed when I cant have the hold of the back of or take the tints and the tax off. Your chicks like the porch with the wax off, she's ridable.but my chick has wax neon's and tints, she's ridable.im getting sick off making love tunes to make love to, so im gonna do this 1 more tune and send it out to the thugs to its for the wifes.

Yh you no I got love for all women init, white, black, Asian, fat and small. You no I make her feel like. Yh I got her feeling real happy do you no what I mean, got her feeling like she's on cloud nine. You no when I leave her she's like. Its just one of them ones init got her all dancing in the night playing with flowers all with this nature and %#@!.you no when I call her she's like. Do you what I mean were doing the %#@! proper like. Got love for the women you no what I mean.

Verse 2:
You just excite me, when they say there's no breh like me. I didn't believe in the one but this female just like me. She's like me she likes a slice of mango in her ice cream and dress all smart with the right jeans so her and me are a tight team. I'm feeling her and it might seem, like im in love B. When she gets moved and the way she's like see him there that's my hubby and trust me we have many plans so I don't care for any man, which breh can move to my chick I don't think any can. This chick is like my night night and u no how Kano spoke about her. I like her too much to leave cause I feel like there's no hope without her. See this chick is my baby girl and you might find us one day in sainsburys holding a baby girl who's calling me? the sunshine is among us lets leave others in the rain. I like it when you come in clothes the colour of your name, but im sick of making love tunes to make love to, so im gonna do this one more tune and send it out to the thugs to Its for the wifes.


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