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TINIE TEMPAH lyrics : "TRAMPOLINE (COVER - Vandelar/ Chris Wilson)"

Eenie Meenie Minie
Thank God it's Friday, Please don't
Ask me for my ID If I'm

In your itunes library Got my
Own book in my library, My
Mansion is so tidy but My

Neighbours hate my mistress cos she
Never wear no nightie

I go
Claridges to do high tea
Jordans on like Spike Lee, I'm

High end you're high street
Swagger jackin my styl-ee
When I was a kid I used to save up for my Nik-es, now

All these little kids is tryna save up for my Nik-es (Let's go)



Sharing clothes that's trampy
Splitting bills that's trampy

All this hanky panky now her
Hand prints on my Banksy, I'm just
Strictly speaking (Anne Frankly)

All my girls is fancy, in a
White Ferrari Spider
Rolling with Anansi, and

Diplo to Disco ...ah
... she sniff, woah, she
Gwan like she Ri Ri and

Wine to calypso, she
Ask me if I'm single, I said
Maybe, I think so, I

Can't concentrate when that
Thong's on like Sisqo and you

Shake Tambourine
Jump Trampoline

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