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TINIE TEMPAH lyrics : "Tears Run Dry"

Nothing to borrow there's no more regrets
Your shadows are falling it's like no one's there

Oh my fears won't die when you're not there
So let go

Feet first into the pot of the tears
Heart first into the tunnel of fears
Had to fend for a son at 21 only old enough to be a mom by a couple of years

Cuddle all of your kids soon you'll be cuddling theirs
And we go and say our names and your mom with the prayers
Remember when you said get a job

You can have a career
I fought that %#@! but too humble to care
Yeah maybe this world disguising her blessings

The truth can be hard to swallow should I reply to these questions
I'm stuck in the $#&@ing middle on either side of the fences
? just driving mad my sense

It's a mid-life crisis and it's a kind of depression
Like a substitute teacher I wanna teach you a lesson
And I I think we should live and let it doubt

Just put on my $#&@ing shades

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