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TINIE TEMPAH lyrics : "Someday"

(Sun sun sun sun sun)

Back to the beginning and fat no going in

Kill the racks that I'm scribin' in
These backs that I'm driving in

Blacks in my living room
The stash must've fast
Now I'm back back back back

Momma I made it at the flats she was living in
Sounds like alien I will collapse living in?
Smiling in pictures fly into fiction

Never really know 'cause the night is a river
Jealousy is a crime but your pride won't rezist you

To get you where I got my crowd like I was in you
Never break down I'll be there to lift you

Are you perfect as you want
So why drag into fix ya!

[Ella eyre:]
No they never have the time to get you
They're always on the run

But you keep on walking forward blazin' the sun
When the lights go out in london the world has just begun
Someday you will find a place in the sun

Away from the pain & the sadness
Soon the whole world is gonna understand my language

Everybody's tryna find a? to the madness
Rankers gonna hate on me cause I did it single handed
Where I go they're will be

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