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TINIE TEMPAH lyrics : "100K"

100K 100K
I might go to the bank and just take out 100 k
Hit the club and roll around up in 100 k

How many views you think I'll get that day 100k
100k, 100k
Praise the lord I thought I'd never ever see that day

Every where I go my ^!$$%s know its me thats paying
So much money coming in I think that gon need a safe
I was like 21 sitting at my mums house when I counted out my first hundred

Slanging to the fiends know my mum didn't agree
All these (*##$es wanna queue from my###ber (yeah)
More money more problems so imagine all the stress I'm under

with these sparklers we make lighning cos I cant let 'em steal my thunder
Cos theres ten yellow bottles sitting on a wall
So we bought em all

5 for the man dem, two for the (*##$es and then 3 for the floor
With no security I feel safes
Fresh Prince I fill banks

And I'm still trying to Bill Gates and aint talking making doors fam

100k and thats on a couple chains

Open shirt by Vivienne Westwood might see me on a yacht with Jay
White car with a black top, Neemar
R8 might cop me a two seater

Mazel Tov, cash in hand barmitvah
You aint never seen 100k
Label paying a whole heap even before they've listened

And then we toast champagne on the Roleys
Beause they're water resistant
Catch flights, private ket

Blue marli with rs md
100 k, old moneys great
It's only right that the trips on me

Ah huh

Press a button in me car it speaks for itself
If you don't think that money talk then speak for yourself

So fly up in the camry seat the suite's something else
I got so much presents (*##$ I think I might need some help
Yea ma$#&@er MVP of the year ma$#&@er

Its only cos a ^!$$% got shares ma$#&@er
All I see is yachts and lears ma$#&@er, millionaires ma$#&@er
Sipping champagne like I sip beer

^!$$%s thought they ran tings tort's and hair
^!$$% oh yea
When money talks I listen, swear the uk rap scene got another millionaire

A 100k, a 100k

99 problems, a 100 k
Views in a day on the Youtube vid
Youtube money in ya head, Youtube it

For the love of the dough ^!$$%s stuck on the road
With some dubs from the ol', tryna move food quick
Put some Uggs in a hole I aint loving the dough

Want a 100k and a big new crib
With 100 bags soon lose a suitcase
Time is money and you neeks are too late

Married to the money all I needs a bouquet
Get money all week we don't need to chose days
Selfish I don't need to move bait

Got the game covered you can keep your duvet
Birthday cake hippie hooray
30 bags in my room no room for room mates

I'm calm

I looked at konan, like I aint got 100 k yet

He said look at your income you probably will in a bout 100 days Krept
He can see the future thats so Raven
I got money in the hand like I'm Asian

Don't sing to police how I get cake in
Cos I'll rap a singer Drake him
I-I-Im not slow g but I love p and get dough
So I'm dopey
Bags in my hand ma$#&@er no groceries

I'm not grumpy but I get moaney
A lot of girls for the money and the fame ting
I had two chicks Holly and Caitlin
They said they wanna try angles
It went from a threesome to a freemason

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