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THUNDER STORM lyrics : "Tearing My Heart"

I Loved Him
with all my heart

he saw me as a extra
he was so hungry
but he doesnt love me back (hes Evil)

Now hes tearing my heart

yeah hes tearing my heart up again
Im screaming and Dying
Hes laughing and smilen

As he tears my heart up again!
Ohhh Help me!

just on my last breath
he stops and I say to Him

Why were you...
Tearing my heart

yeah! tearing my heart up?
while im screaming and crying
but now im laughing and smilen at you!

I said my three last words: i love you

He says you have a heart!

you have love!
you have a soul!
i have none now you dont either!

(noo dont let me die here!)
(too late)

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